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Expert Advice: Did You Know? 7 Breeds with Really Cool Nicknames
Long before smushface" and "wigglebutt" became the ubiquitous dog monikers, these seven breeds were given nicknames crafted specifically for them.  the Clown Prince of Dogs At various times devotees of at least a dozen different breeds have claimed this title for their dogs. But to our knowledge only one group of fanciers has incorporated canine clowning […] | January 1, 2009
golden puppy
Expert Advice: Puppy Training Five Things Puppy Owners Should Never Do
Raising a puppy can be challenging for a new owner (or even an experienced one!). We need to find the line between being overprotective and providing the puppy with a safe environment to let his personality develop.A few of the don’ts about puppy rearing: Puppies love to play, but don’t get too rough. Be careful […] | January 1, 2009
Expert Advice: News Why I Sold a Puppy to Miley Cyrus
Anyone who follows Miley Cyrus on Twitter or Instagram knows the singer adores her dogs. In fact, the recent death of one of them, an Alaskan Klee Kai named Floyd, broke the young celebrity’s heart so much that a bulk of her social media posts were dedicated to him. (Floyd was also memorialized with a concert tribute, a shrine, […] | January 1, 2009
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog 6 Strange Ways to Stay Fit With Your Dog
We all know that exercising is good for humans and dogs, but so much of it is so repetitive and boring that it becomes a chore. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here some alternatives to help you and your four-footed pal reach your fitness goals. Follow the Bouncing Paws Trampolines are not just […] | January 1, 2009
Expert Advice: News Canine Influenza Virus Notice
  This notice is being sent out to provide up-to-date and accurate information about the Canine Influenza Virus to help prevent the spread of the virus to healthy (unexposed) dogs. The information provided is not intended to alarm dog owners and handlers. There are recently confirmed cases of the Canine Influenza Virus (H3N2 strain) that […] | January 1, 2009
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny The Komondor Is the King of the Hungarian Livestock Guarding Dogs
Originating in Hungary hundreds of years ago, the brave and muscular Komondor’s job was to guard flocks of sheep or other livestock from predators, such as wolves or coyotes. The distinctive white corded coat of this member of the Working Group makes him particularly suited to his guarding duties. The color allows him to blend […] | January 1, 2009
Expert Advice: Puppy Training 6 Tips for Socializing Your Puppy
A well-socialized and secure puppy is a happy puppy. This means helping him early on to feel that the world is a fun and safe place to be—whether encountering other dogs, children, or strangers on the street. Ideally, your pup will be content in any setting, and even when you’re not home. Give him plenty […] | January 1, 2009
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog Should Your Dog Attend Holiday Parties?
'Tis the season for holiday gatherings! But before decking those halls, make sure you have a plan for your pet. To decide if your dog should be around for dinner parties and gift-giving events, first ask yourself the following: Is she well-socialized and fully trained? If you have a fearful, shy, or cranked-up puppy or dog, […] | January 1, 2009
Expert Advice: Products & Accessories The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Dog-Lovers
It's that time of year again! Whether or not you are getting human kisses or puppy kisses this Valentine's Day, everyone deserves to be showered in love and awesome presents. We did some digging and found the best gifts the internet has to offer for dogs and the humans who love them. For those who want […] | January 1, 2009
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny It’s a Dog’s Life — Lived to the Fullest
By Dorice StancherTime flies, and the years pass so quickly, especially in dog years. Is there any one of us who hasn’t let out a sigh upon realizing that their dog is no longer a puppy, and fast advancing into adulthood and finally the “golden years”? Whether you are a breeder, competitor, or pet owner, […] | January 1, 2009

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