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Expert Advice: Home In Full Bloom: Tips for Dog-Friendly Gardens
The beautiful flowers and plants that the spring season brings can be very dangerous to your four-legged friend if ingested.  A little extra planning can give you a garden that both you and your dog will love. Here are our dog-friendly gardening tips: Poisonous plants.  There are many common flowers and plants that are dangerous […] | April 21, 2015
Expert Advice: Government Relations Don’t Have Dog Park Yet? Start Your Own!
Below is just a basic overview. For more, visit the Government Relations page. Here are the steps on the road to making a community dog park a reality. Start with a core group of committed dog park activists Talk with other individuals who are concerned about the lack of off-leash spaces. This group may form […] | April 20, 2015
Expert Advice: Basic Training Let’s Go to the Vet – Make Veterinary Visits a Pleasant Experience for Your Dog
Let’s Go to the Vet – Make Your Dog’s Trips to the Doctor a Pleasant Experience By AKC GoodDog Helpline Trainer Christie Canfield One of the earliest social experiences for a puppy is visiting the vet. Whatever happens in this critical time period can set the stage for later behaviors in life, so going to […] | April 13, 2015
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Expert Advice: News Canine Flu Outbreak
  A rare outbreak of canine flu in the Chicago area has sickened more than 1,000 dogs, including five who died, in the past month, according to veterinarians in the region. The Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control is warning dog owners to avoid dog parks, group training activities and dog daycare and […] | April 7, 2015
Expert Advice: Government Relations Issue Analysis: Why Breed-Specific Legislation Doesn’t Work
  We have all heard the heartbreaking stories: A child brutally attacked by a dog. A beloved family pet or a farmer’s livestock killed or injured by a stray dog. Such stories are far too common, and everyone agrees our communities must be protected from dangerous animals. When faced with this dilemma, many public officials […] | April 7, 2015
Expert Advice: Advanced Training Canine Companions Perform Important Functions for Hearing Impaired People
Strolling with a happy, tail-wagging companion securely by our sides is one of life’s greatest joys. We love our furry, four-legged friends.  While dogs are America’s most beloved pet, humans have bred and domesticated dogs for thousands of years for important work functions. Modern day working dog are employed in tasks ranging from drug and […] | April 1, 2015
holistic solutions to warm weather skin problems
Expert Advice: Common Conditions Holistic Solutions to Warm-Weather Skin Problems
There’s a Holistic Alternative to Prescription-Only Skin Care? A holistic veterinarian can recommend natural therapies to address your dog’s allergies and skin problems. Allergies and skin infections are health menaces that typically surface with the arrival of spring weather. Traditional medications help dogs with these problems, but the indiscriminate use of antibiotics and antifungals can […] | March 23, 2015
Expert Advice: Flea & Tick How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs
Ways to Keep Your Home Flea-Free A thorough spring cleaning of your home may be the best way to avoid a flea problem. A female flea can lay 50 eggs per day and 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. As disgusting as that statistic is, consider this: For every flea found on your pet, there are […] | March 23, 2015
Waging a Guerrilla War Against the Flea Social
Expert Advice: Flea & Tick Waging a Guerrilla War Against the Flea
Try a Holistic Approach to Battling Fleas When it comes to fleas, the best defense might be a good offense. Attack fleas before they attack your dog! Holistic veterinarians recommend that your efforts to kill fleas be directed toward the places where your do spends most of his/her time. Nematodes, microscopic worms that actually eat […] | March 23, 2015
Socialize Your Puppy to Fit Your Lifestyle
Expert Advice: Puppy Training Socialize Your Puppy to Fit Your Lifestyle
Effective socialization includes ensuring that your puppy experiences early in life some of the things you know he will encounter later on. Technology requires that hardware devices—computers, smart phones, and so on—have software operating systems that enable them to perform the tasks we want and need. Dog personalities are not unlike technology. Temperament is hard-wired […] | March 23, 2015

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