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Expert Advice: Did You Know? The Japanese Chin Is an Aristocratic and Playful Little Companion
The noble Japanese Chin (Chin) is a lively little dog with an aristocratic air. He is small, yet solidly built, with an inquisitive and intelligent expression. Here are eight interesting facts about this sensitive and playful member of the Toy Group. 1. The history of the Chin can be found within the royal courts of […] | February 21, 2017
Expert Advice: Did You Know? 9 Reasons Why Leonbergers Are Totally Unforgettable
In the mid-1800s, an exotic-animal dealer combined Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees and other breeds to create the Leonberger. Some say the idea was to make a dog that looked like the lion on the seal of the town of Leonberg, today in Southern Germany. While developed as all-around working dogs—equipped for everything from water […] | February 1, 2017
Expert Advice: Did You Know? So What Else Is a Newfoundland Besides Big?
There's one thing everyone knows about a Newfoundland: he's big, really big. A full-grown male stands as high as 28 inches tall and weighs in at 130-150 pounds. But there is so much more to this breed than size, as any Newf lover can tell you. 1. Newfoundlands are renowned for their sweetness, gentleness, and […] | January 24, 2017
Expert Advice: Feature The Heartwarming Story of Fidelio the Miracle Bergamasco
Fidelio means faithful in Italian. In English, it’s Fido. And, oh, how appropriate that tag has proven to be for this 6½-year-old, 75-pound Bergamasco show dog. No flash and flair here. More substance and survival. Remember sportscaster Al Michaels’ terrific call in the waning moments of the U.S. hockey team’s epic win over the Soviet […] | December 28, 2016
Expert Advice: Studies Stress Can Cause Dogs to Go Gray, Scientists Find
Not unlike humans, dogs see the detrimental effects of stress—including, a new study revealed, premature graying. Researchers at Northern Illinois University studied about 400 dogs between the ages of 1 and 4-years-old. The owners of the dogs, who were unaware of the purpose of the study so to prevent biased answers, completed a questionnaire measuring […] | December 28, 2016
Expert Advice: Did You Know? 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Poodles
  Poodles are known for being the ultimate trendsetters in doggie fashion, but they have many other talents besides looking pretty. Here are nine things you probably didn't know about the Poodle: 1. They Originated In Germany We typically associate Poodles with the French, but the breed actually originated in Germany. For years it has been […] | December 23, 2016
Rottweiler Puppies
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Learn About the Powerful, Confident, and Courageous Rottweiler
If you are looking for a calm, confident, and courageous guardian, then look no further than the Rottweiler. These robust dogs are powerful and loyal companions that have strong protective instincts. They can quiet, well-behaved housedogs, yet are powerful enough to ward off burglars. Their personality can vary from dog to dog, with some being […] | December 22, 2016
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Meet the Norwegian Buhund—Dog of the Vikings
The Norwegian Buhund (Buhund) is a member of the Herding Group and a typical northern breed of the spitz type, with prick ears and a tightly curled tail. Although their exact origin hasn’t been identified, they were known in Scandinavia even before the days of the Vikings. Here are nine interesting facts about this alert, […] | December 20, 2016
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 8 Fun Facts About the English Foxhound
The English Foxhound is a versatile hunter and member of the Hound Group. This determined scent hound can be taught to hunt almost any ground-dwelling quarry, although traditionally it was used for foxhunting and can still be found in that same role today. Here are some fun facts about this sociable field companion. 1. The […] | December 7, 2016
Expert Advice: Did You Know? 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Feisty, Joyful Silky Terrier
Toy in size, terrier in personality, the Silky Terrier is a lot of dog in a very small package. Spirited and intelligent, he's great company, whether for brisk walks, a romp in the park, dog sports, or curling up in your lap after a long day. Check out these five facts you probably didn't know […] | November 17, 2016

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