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Expert Advice: News 6 Steps to Finding Your Lost Dog
 It’s your worst nightmare come true: Getting separated from your dog. No one ever wants to think about it happening, but it can, especially during an emergency like a natural disaster. If you can’t find your dog, here’s what to do: Do not delay! Immediately start searching, before your dog roams too far. Enlist help […] | September 14, 2018
Expert Advice: News Create an Emergency Evacuation Plan for You and Your Dog
Many emergency situations may require you and your dog to evacuate from your home for safety reasons, and the risk of a natural disaster is the most common. If you ever need to evacuate your home, never, leave your dog behind. You have legal rights to take him with you. The PETS Act requires that […] | September 14, 2018
Two Barbet dogs knee-deep in a body of water outdoors
Expert Advice: News 20 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe in a Flood
Floods have the unfortunate distinction of being the most common natural disaster in the United States. Floods can develop slowly as a result of rain or snow, or they can come on quickly and with no warning, as in the case of flash floods. Not only can floods cause major damage, they can also be […] | September 14, 2018
Expert Advice: Health What’s the Deal With Capnocytophaga, the Dog Bacteria Making Headlines?
Recent news reports from Wisconsin about a rare infection spread by cats and dogs have caused concern among pet owners. Capnocytophaga, as hard to treat as it is to pronounce, is a common bacteria found in our pets. While harmless to cats and dogs, it can cause serious health problems in humans. So, should we […] | August 31, 2018
Expert Advice: Health Should Your Dog Wear Sunscreen?
Humans often take precautions to protect themselves from the sun, but should we be doing the same for our dogs? Do dogs need sunscreen? Just like people, canine companions are prone to sunburn and other diseases associated with sun exposure. Taking certain safety measures can lower your dog's risk of developing serious medical issues, as […] | August 29, 2018
Expert Advice: News Hurricane Lane: What Dog Owners Should Know
As Hurricane Lane, a Category 4 storm, makes its way toward Hawaii, the AKC is committed to providing dog owners with the resources they need to keep their pets and their families safe. Scroll down for information on disaster preparedness and details on what the AKC is currently doing to help animals impacted by these […] | August 23, 2018
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Expert Advice: General Health When You Buckle up This Fall, Don’t Forget About Your Dog
When's the last time you took a good old-fashioned road trip? It's always fun to travel somewhere new, and even better when you get to bring the dog. But before you hit the road together, there are a few things you need to consider. Make sure you have enough food and water for the trip, […] | August 22, 2018
salt water
Expert Advice: Health Is It Dangerous for Dogs to Drink Salt Water?
Anyone who has ever swallowed a mouthful of salt water after swimming in the ocean knows how unpleasant it tastes. When it comes to our canine companions, drinking salt water isn't just dangerous for dogs, it can also be deadly. Dogs Drinking Salt Water Dogs love playing at the beach, but games of fetch, chasing […] | August 15, 2018
transport dog to hospital
Expert Advice: Health 5 Mistakes Dog Owners Make When Transporting an Injured Pet to the Hospital
Few aspects of pet ownership are as stressful as transporting an injured dog to the hospital. Whether your pup has been hit by a car, attacked by another animal, or has eaten something harmful, providing him with immediate medical care is crucial for a good prognosis. Getting him to the hospital, however, is easier said […] | August 6, 2018
dog theft
Expert Advice: Home & Living How to Keep Your Dog Safe When Pet Theft Is on the Rise
In our daily lives, we take precautions to safeguard our most valuable possessions and protect them from being stolen. We lock our car doors, equip our homes with alarms, and create passwords to shield our personal information, yet few pet owners realize that protecting our dogs from potential theft is just as important. Dognapping isn’t […] | July 25, 2018

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