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Chihuahua with mouth wide open, ears spread.
Expert Advice: Training Does Your Personality Affect the Likelihood That a Dog Will Bite You?
“I don’t know what the problem is, but dogs are always trying to bite me,” said the man talking to me, who appeared to be in his mid-20s. “For example,” he continued, “just last Tuesday, I was hurrying down the street because I was running behind for a luncheon appointment. I was just passing by […] | April 24, 2019
Golden Retriever sitting in a parked car with its head out the window.
Expert Advice: Health Can I Leave My Dog in the Car If I Crack a Window?
Most dog owners know that you can’t leave a pet in a hot car. Temperatures can rise to dangerous levels in just minutes, putting your dog at risk of heat stroke. But what if you open a window a little bit? Does that make it safe to leave your dog in the car? The answer […] | April 23, 2019
Expert Advice: Health Should Your Dog Wear Sunscreen?
Humans often take precautions to protect themselves from the sun, but should we be doing the same for our dogs? Can dogs get suburned? The answer is yes. Just like people, canine companions are prone to sunburn and to other complications and diseases associated with sun exposure. Taking certain safety measures can lower your dog’s […] | April 11, 2019
Expert Advice: Health Welcome to the Technicolor World of Creative Dog Grooming
Editor's Note: Participants in creative grooming and design should always use "PET SAFE" color product. Rebecca Stern grew up surrounded by dogs. But when she found herself in New York City after college with no pets in her life, she started looking for a way to spend more time with animals. At the same time, […] | April 9, 2019
young beagle looks over the garden fence
Expert Advice: Home How to Prevent Your Dog From Escaping the Yard
For a lot of dog owners, a nicely fenced backyard where your pup can roam, sniff out interesting things, and snooze in the shade is a must. It’s perfect — except when your dog believes the grass is greener elsewhere, and he becomes a master escape artist. One minute you see him from the kitchen […] | April 3, 2019
Expert Advice: Health Is It Dangerous for Dogs to Drink Salt Water?
Anyone who has ever swallowed a mouthful of salt water when swimming in the ocean knows how unpleasant it tastes. When dogs drink salt water, it can be dangerous for them, and it can even be deadly. Dogs Drinking Salt Water Dogs love the beach, but playing games of fetch, chasing waves, and swimming can […] | April 1, 2019
Expert Advice: Travel Tips for Taking Your Dog Out on the Water
When it’s warm outside, humans tend to flock to the water. Whether swimming, boating, or lounging on a raft, it’s a great way to spend a day. If you own a dog, chances are you want to include him in your fun-filled activities. But canines and water don't always mix. Help keep your pup safe […] | March 25, 2019
Expert Advice: Cleaning Tips on How to Safely Use Cleaning Products Around Your Dog
Life with dogs gets messy. Keeping an arsenal of cleaning products and supplies on hand is essential for our sanity as dog owners, but using these cleaning products safely can get tricky. Here are some tips to help you keep your home clean and safe for your dog. Read the Label As simple as it […] | March 22, 2019
Expert Advice: General Nutrition What Dog Owners Need to Know About the FDA’s Grain-Free Diet Alert
The FDA launched an investigation into potential links between canine heart disease and diet — specifically grain-free diets. We've compiled the information you need to know to understand this recent development. What is the FDA Investigating? It is easy to jump to conclusions anytime we see an FDA headline about pet food. After all, our dog's health […] | March 7, 2019
Expert Advice: Health 10 Ways to Go Green With Your Dog
Do you follow the three “R’s” of environmental responsibility: Reduce, reuse, and recycle? As a dog owner, there are lots of ways to go green. You can start with the basics, like picking up poop, and even change the way you care for your dog by choosing environmentally friendly products. You and your eco-friendly dog […] | February 25, 2019

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