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Expert Advice: General Health How To Tell If Your Dog Is In Shape Or Overweight
If your pooch is looking a bit more pudgy than usual, it's actually quite common. The battle of the bulge isn't just something people face — so do pets. In fact, according to a 2018 survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 55.8 percent of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese. And […] | August 7, 2019
Expert Advice: Quizzes Which Sport Should You Do With Your Dog?
Inspired to learn more about sports for dogs? Competing in canine sports together can improve your dog’s fitness level, sharpen his mental acuity, and improve his bond with you. And by competing in sports with your dog, you’ll see the same benefits. Take this 10-question quiz to determine which AKC event might be the best […] | July 29, 2019
Beagle sitting in bed with its family in the morning.
Expert Advice: Did You Know? 10 Best Family Dogs
What breeds make the best family dogs? What are the best dog breeds for kids? When adding a new puppy or dog to your family, it can be difficult to decide which is the best fit. We've compiled 10 of the best dog breeds for families and kids. Many breeds make wonderful family dogs, though […] | July 26, 2019
Boxer puppies playing with a big rubber ball.
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding How to Socialize a Puppy — Creativity and Critical Timing Are Key
Nothing is more fun than introducing a litter of puppies to the world. Interactive playtime with balls, squeaky toys, climbing obstacles, and games of hide-and-seek helps puppies put a paw print forward on socialization. Add in children and adults of all ages, backyards and basements, carpet and concrete, vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, and puppies will […] | July 18, 2019
Chocolate Labrador retriever puppy eating the spilled dog food on the floor outside his dish.
Expert Advice: Puppy Health Common Health Questions from New Puppy Owners 
Health is always a key concern for a new puppy owner. Your puppy buyers look to you as a trustworthy source of information when it comes to their new pet and might have questions ranging from puppy-proofing their home to general health. Here are a few common questions puppy buyers might have, as well as some advice that might come in handy for first-time […] | July 15, 2019
Cane Corso outdoors, head facing right.
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding No Puppies? A Look at Causes of Infertility in Male Dogs 
When breeding dogs, there are factors in both the bitch and the dog that can affect fertility and conception. In the June issue, we discussed the factors that can cause decreased fertility and pregnancy concerns in the bitch. In this article, we will focus on infertility in the dog and what can be done to help minimize these […] | July 15, 2019
owner brushing a puppy's teeth
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Preparing Your Puppies for Preventative Care
As a breeder, there is a lot of responsibility resting with you to prepare your puppies for their new homes. You’re with them during key periods of life in which their personalities and fears develop. In between keeping them fed, socialized, and happy, many breeders go the extra mile to prepare their puppies for important grooming […] | July 15, 2019
Chocolate Labrador retriever puppy eating the spilled dog food on the floor outside his dish.
Expert Advice: Puppy Health Puppy Feeding Fundamentals
Walk down the dog food aisle of any large pet-supply store, or peruse the shelves at a boutique pet-food shop, and you can quickly become overwhelmed. This is especially true for puppy owners, and probably even more so for first-time puppy owners. When did it get so complicated? Back in the day, dog food options […] | July 15, 2019
Expert Advice: Puppy Health Your Complete Guide to First-Year Puppy Vaccinations
When you bring that soft, sweet-smelling little ball of a puppy into your home, you know right away that she depends on you for, well, everything. It’s up to you to give her all the care she needs every day. It can be a little intimidating — she needs the best puppy food, plenty of attention, […] | July 15, 2019
Expert Advice: Studies Can Your Dog Manipulate You? Research Says Yes.
Have you ever wondered why your dog's face is so irresistible? A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) says that dogs' facial features – in particular, "puppy dog eyes" – may have evolved based on human preference. When breeding began with wolves to create domestic dogs, humans bred with the purpose […] | June 19, 2019

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