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  Atlanta's top 5 most popular breeds for 2013 "In keeping with the national trend, Atlanta loves its big dogs," said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson. "Lovable large breeds clearly dominate the city's top five." Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever German Shepherd Dog Boxer Cavalier King Charles Spaniel * Registration data pulled from Atlanta zip codes as […] | December 19, 2014
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Dogs & Cats of the Jersey Shore   AKC Reveals the Inner Dog & Cat Of Each Cast Member of MTV's Popular Reality Show From barking loudly about who has a crush on who to clawing over a boyfriend at the club, each week the cast of MTV's The Jersey Shore find themselves fighting like […] | December 19, 2014
Pages Bereavement
Pet : Experiencing the Death of a Dog   The death of a dog can affect people in the same way that losing a family member or close friend would. For those who've experienced the loss of a dog, the American Kennel Club makes the following suggestions:   Grief should be expressed freely so the […] | December 19, 2014
Pages Breed Rescue
AKC National Breed Club: The American Kennel Club® surveyed representatives of AKC-affiliated National Breed Clubs about their involvement in breed rescue. The primary objective of the survey was to gather quantifiable data about their rescue activities. AKC received many detailed responses from breed club and affiliated rescue organization members, including those representing the top 10 […] | December 19, 2014
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Cats and Dogs Together: Can They Really Get Along?   The AKC Offers Tips to Cat Owners On Introducing a Dog to Your Home The age-old phrase "fighting like cats and dogs" does not have to be the case. Despite popular belief, canines and felines can, in fact, live together in harmony. If you're a […] | December 19, 2014
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Combat in the Home What's That Smell? The American Kennel Club Offers Tips on Combating Pet Odor in the Home Do you keep your dog and your home nice and clean, but have been noticing some bad pet odors recently? There are some places around your house where these odors are hiding that you might […] | December 19, 2014
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AKC Facts and Stats This section of the AKC website offers practical information as well as facts and statistical information on a variety of dog-related topics. The information provided will ensure you have the proper skills to successfully choose, raise, and train your new canine friend.   About the AKC Founded in 1884, the AKC […] | December 19, 2014
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The : Help Your Dog Age Gracefully   Most dog owners consider Fido a part of the family and want him to live a long, healthy life. Dogs, just like humans, need special care once they become seniors. Generally, dogs are considered in the senior stage of life at seven years old, but how your […] | December 19, 2014
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in the Home   Un-Seen Hazards Your Dog and Cat Might Encounter in the Home Dogs and cats are notorious for eating anything and everything they can find, and even careful pet-proofing does not guarantee your precious pet won't swallow items you never thought of, such as towels or socks. These un-seen dangers can not […] | December 19, 2014

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