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Pages How to Tell if Your Dog is Sick & When to See the Vet
When to See the Vet and When to Treat at Home   AKC Family Dog Magazine Offers a Guide for When to Treat Your Dog at Home and When to Call the Vet Emergencies for your dog can happen at any time. Some are minor, while others can be life threatening. In the November/December 2010 […] | December 19, 2014
Pages Pet Theft
Protect Your Pet from Theft   From parking lots to pet stores and even backyards, The American Kennel Club(r) (AKC) reports that dog thefts are on the rise. Thefts range from tiny puppies being stuffed into purses at pet stores to most recently, purebred pets being snatched from cars in parking lots and shelters. The […] | December 19, 2014
Pages Photo Gallery
Welcome to the AKC photo gallery. For your convenience, we have included a selection of low resolution photos from AKC events for use in your publication. If you need a high resolution photo, simply fill out the Online Form and submit it to the AKC Communications Department. Once received, we will email a high resolution, […] | December 19, 2014
Pages Ready For Spring
American Kennel Club Canine Partners Offers Tips on Getting Your Dog Spring is finally here! It's time to get outside and take advantage of all the season has to offer and do things that the cold winter may have prevented you from doing. To help you and your dog get ready for spring, American Kennel […] | December 19, 2014
Pages Socialization
Social Butterfly Confident Canine: Early- Tips for Your Puppy Exposing your puppy to new people, places and situations early on is important, as it sets the stage in helping your dog feel confident with new experiences throughout his life. Early socialization can begin as soon as you bring your puppy home. To help your little […] | December 19, 2014
Pages Lose Weight
Help Your Dog   AKC Gazette Offers Tips on How to Help Your Dog Just like in their human counterparts, obesity in dogs seriously affects their health. It is commonly linked to arthritis, diabetes, and heart problems, among others. If you find that your pooch has packed on a few pounds, you can help get […] | December 19, 2014
Pages Meet The Breeds
AKC Meet the Breeds® Press Center AKC Meet the Breeds Presented By Pet Partners, Inc is the largest showcase of cats and dogs in the world. AKC Meet the Breeds will feature more than 200 dog and cat breeds at NYC's Jacob Javits Center on September 28th & 29th, 2013. Press Contact: Jessica Rice, 212-696-8346, […] | December 19, 2014
Pages Mtb Press Center 2010
AKC Meet the Breeds Press Center   2010 Press Releases November 2, 2010: Meet the Breeds Scavenger Hunt October 29, 2010: Meet the Breeds 2010 Best Booth in Show Winners October 13, 2010: Results Revealed: America Voted and Named the Inner Dogs & Cats of the Tri-State Area October 5, 2010: Attention Cub Scouts & […] | December 19, 2014
Pages Communications Department
They are available to assist any working member of the news media. If you are not a journalist and are looking for assistance with AKC papers, registration, finding a breeder, DNA kits or any customer service related inquiries, please call our Customer Service center at: 919-233-9767. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 […] | December 19, 2014
Pages Top Breeds in Major U.S. Cities
  Atlanta's top 5 most popular breeds for 2013 "In keeping with the national trend, Atlanta loves its big dogs," said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson. "Lovable large breeds clearly dominate the city's top five." Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever German Shepherd Dog Boxer Cavalier King Charles Spaniel * Registration data pulled from Atlanta zip codes as […] | December 19, 2014

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