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Legislative Alerts Missouri Committee to Consider Prohibiting Breed-Specific Laws on Monday (2/8)
The Missouri House Emerging Issues Committee will consider a bill on Monday, February 8, that seeks to protect the rights of responsible dog owners in Missouri by prohibiting municipalities from enacting breed-specific policies.  It would also void any current local breed-specific policies or regulations in the state.   Municipalities would still be permitted to protect public […] | February 5, 2016
Legislative Alerts New York: Ask Committee to Support Legislation Protecting Dogs Kept in Outdoor Shelters
The New York Assembly Agriculture Committee is considering a bill on Tuesday, February 9, that would clarify current law regarding minimum standards for dogs kept in outdoor shelters.  Current law already provides minimum requirements for dogs kept outdoors in inclement weather and extreme temperatures.  Assembly Bill 7033 contains reasonable clarifications to these requirements that would […] | February 5, 2016
Legislative Alerts Tennessee: URGENT! Hearing Mon. on Dog Breeder Bill that Authorizes Warrantless Searches & High Fees
Tennessee committees will vote on Monday and Tuesday on two bills of grave concern to dog owners. Senate Bill 2175 and House Bill 2303 would require regulation, inspection, and potentially high registration fees for dog breeders.  Exemptions in the bill for exhibitors, hunters, and fanciers are essentially meaningless. These bills would also authorize warrantless searches […] | February 4, 2016
Legislative Alerts Utah Seeks to Define “Commercial Breeder” as Anyone with Six Dogs
Utah House Bill 132 will define a commercial breeder as “a person who for a fee or other consideration; maintains in a kennel at any time six or more dogs for breeding or six or more cats for breeding and sells, leases, trades, barters, auctions, or provides to another person the offspring of those dogs […] | February 4, 2016
Legislative Alerts Wisconsin Senate to Consider Bill TOMORROW (2/4) to Make it Harder to Reclaim Pets
A Wisconsin Senate committee is scheduled to consider a bill TOMORROW (Thursday, February 4) that is identical to the Assembly bill making it more difficult to reclaim lost dogs, or dogs seized on suspicion of a violation of a state animal law.  Changes of concern in the bill include: Shortening the time in which an […] | February 3, 2016
Legislative Alerts NJ Action Needed: Hearing Monday on Radical Bill to Repeal Consumer Protections & Limit Pet Choice
Wednesday, February 03, 2016 On Monday, February 8, 2016, the New Jersey Senate Economic Growth Committee will consider Senate Bill 63.  The bill repeals consumer protection laws for pet purchasers, prohibits the sale of dogs unless the transactions are conducted face-to-face, and requires pet shops to sell dogs sourced only from shelters and pounds.  Because […] | February 3, 2016
Legislative Alerts Kansas: House Committee to Consider Expanded Breeder/Rescue Inspections & Regulations on Feb 3
The Kansas House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources is considering a bill this Wednesday, February 3, that will expand who must be regulated under the state’s breeder laws. The bill will also create new requirements for those who are involved in rescue and those who keep at least 4 dogs during any week for […] | February 1, 2016
Legislative Alerts Iowa Considering Unreasonable New Regulation of Dog Owners, Groomers, Breeders and Rescues
Iowa already has some of the most restrictive breeder regulation in the nation.  Nevertheless, legislation has once again been introduced to expand the state’s regulation of dog breeders, hobbyists, fanciers, groomers, and rescues and require them to pay significant license fees.  Proposals are currently pending in both the Iowa House and Senate.  Iowa dog owners, […] | February 1, 2016
Legislative Alerts Augusta-Richmond Co., GA: Council Votes Tomorrow on Mandatory Spay/Neuter of All Impounded Pets
The Augusta-Richmond County Commission is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a proposed ordinance that would require spay/neuter for all impounded dogs and cats, regardless of the circumstances, and would enact additional problematic amendments to the city/ county animal ordinance. Concerned animal owners are urged to immediately contact commission members and respectfully ask them to VOTE […] | February 1, 2016
Legislative Alerts Ask Maryland Committee to Support Bill Protecting Service Dogs and Owners
A Maryland Senate Committee is scheduled to consider a bill on February 11 that will provide further protections for owners of service animals.  Senate Bill 264 creates two new provisions that would protect service dogs and their owners.  It amends the crime of aggravated cruelty to state that a person may not intentionally inflict bodily […] | January 28, 2016

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