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Expert Advice: Health Hurricane-Related Health Concerns for Dogs
Natural disasters affect everyone, including your pets. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you will need to make certain that you protect your dog from the unique health concerns that can arise during a storm. During a hurricane, dogs are exposed to many of the same dangers as people. Being prepared will keep your […] | June 24, 2019
Expert Advice: News What You Need to Know About Evacuating With Your Dog
First things first: Never ignore a warning to evacuate due to a possible natural disaster. You may think that you and your dog will be more comfortable at home, but ignoring the advice of local authorities puts both of you in danger. Authorities may give you notice of mandatory or voluntary evacuation one or two […] | September 14, 2018
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Expert Advice: News Sheltering in Place With Your Dog During a Natural Disaster
Depending on the type and intensity of a natural disaster, it may be safer for you and your dog to stay where you are than to evacuate. FEMA advises that sheltering in place is appropriate when “conditions require that you seek immediate protection in your home, place of employment, school, or other location when disaster […] | September 14, 2018
Expert Advice: News 6 Steps to Finding Your Lost Dog
 It’s your worst nightmare come true: Getting separated from your dog. No one ever wants to think about it happening, but it can, especially during an emergency like a natural disaster. If you can’t find your dog, here’s what to do: Do not delay! Immediately start searching, before your dog roams too far. Enlist help […] | September 14, 2018
Expert Advice: News Create an Emergency Evacuation Plan for You and Your Dog
Many emergency situations may require you and your dog to evacuate from your home for safety reasons, and the risk of a natural disaster is the most common. If you ever need to evacuate your home, never, leave your dog behind. You have legal rights to take him with you. The PETS Act requires that […] | September 14, 2018
Two Barbet dogs knee-deep in a body of water outdoors
Expert Advice: News 20 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe in a Flood
Floods have the unfortunate distinction of being the most common natural disaster in the United States. Floods can develop slowly as a result of rain or snow, or they can come on quickly and with no warning, as in the case of flash floods. Not only can floods cause major damage, they can also be […] | September 14, 2018
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Expert Advice: News Pet-Friendly Shelters for Hurricane Florence
As the East Coast prepares for Hurricane Florence, the AKC and AKC Reunite are committed to providing resources that will help keep you and your pet safe in the storm. Nearly 1 million people have been ordered to evacuate coastal areas in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Below is a list of pet-friendly shelters […] | September 11, 2018
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Expert Advice: News Disaster Preparedness Tips for Your Dog
Floods, storms, wildfires — you can't prevent extreme weather or disastrous events, but you can take charge of how you respond. These emergency preparedness tips will help keep you and your dog out of harm’s way. Pack a Pet-Friendly Disaster Bag Having all of your ducks in a row before the unexpected happens is the […] | August 23, 2018
Expert Advice: News Hurricane Lane: What Dog Owners Should Know
As Hurricane Lane, a Category 4 storm, makes its way toward Hawaii, the AKC is committed to providing dog owners with the resources they need to keep their pets and their families safe. Scroll down for information on disaster preparedness and details on what the AKC is currently doing to help animals impacted by these […] | August 23, 2018
Expert Advice: News Dog Attends First College Class in Anticipation of Hurricane Irma
  In anticipation of Hurricane Irma, Georgia Southern student Jessica Lewis was preparing to leave campus and head home to Atlanta. She had one class left for the day and then she was ready to leave, reports Mashable. But Lewis didn't know what to do about her dog Luna. Obviously, Luna would be accompanying her […] | September 15, 2017

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