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Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog How to Throw a Spooktacular Dog Halloween Party
Is your dog all dressed up for Halloween, with no place to go? Consider throwing your own dog Halloween party! First things first, throwing a party is a big endeavor, in and of itself, and things don't get any easier when you add canine companions to the mix. Remember that this is a commitment, and […] | October 8, 2018
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Christmas in July: Stock up on Gifts for All the Dog Lovers in Your Life!
December may be months away and, yes, it's currently sweltering outside, but that doesn't mean we can't prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Get a head start on your shopping with these Christmas in July sales on the AKC Shop! Here are some gift ideas for the pup-obsessed people in your inner circle. For Dog-Loving […] | July 25, 2018
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Expert Advice: Lifestyle This Week in Dog Stars: Your Favorite Canines Celebrate Fourth of July
People all over the country celebrated Fourth of July this week. But what's a celebration without canine companions? Naturally, the dog stars of Instagram joined in on the festivities — and had a blast! Check out some of the highlights below. For Frankie and Francesa, Fourth of July prep started early. They went out to buy […] | July 9, 2018
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Celebrate Fourth of July by Gushing Over These Patriotic Pups
In honor of Fourth of July, we asked readers to submit photos of their pups showing off their patriotic side — and they didn’t disappoint! While we think all dogs are extremely ‘grammable, 13 adorable images captured the essence of Independence Day. But before you click through our gallery, here are a few tips for creating […] | July 3, 2018
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Expert Advice: Lifestyle 10 Tips for Dressing up Your Dog Safely
Before dressing up your dog for a holiday, whether it's Halloween, Fourth of July, or National Ice Cream Day, there are several important factors to consider. To ensure that your canine companion is comfortable and happy, here are some things to think about prior to party time. 1. Avoid any toxic ingredients. Glitter is pretty, but […] | July 3, 2018
Expert Advice: Common Behavior Issues 6 Ways to Help a Dog That’s Afraid of Fireworks
A fear of fireworks is common among dogs. In fact, more canine companions get lost during the Fourth of July holiday than any other time of year due, in part, to local firework displays and pet owners getting distracted at family gatherings, among other things. But there are ways to help your pup overcome his fear. Here […] | July 2, 2018
Expert Advice: Lifestyle ​12 Tips on How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding. Say YES to the Pet!
On the big day, it’s natural to want to be surrounded by friends and loved ones, and who’s more beloved than your dog? These days, when millennials are the largest segment of pet owners, many couples want to include the dog in their wedding. After all, when you promise to share your life together, you’re […] | March 30, 2018
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Expert Advice: Products & Accessories 21 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Dogs And The People Who Love Them
Valentine's Day is a great time to show some love. The day can be the most fun when you spread the love to everyone, including your four-legged friends! If you're feeling like spoiling your dog this February (and they probably deserve it), here some gift ideas that are sure to impress your pup. Treats Nuzzles […] | January 29, 2018
Expert Advice: News ​How to Keep Your Dog Safe During the Eclipse
  The solar eclipse that will occur on August 21, 2017 is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you can’t miss — literally! While many of us will only see a partial eclipse, people who are the “path of totality” have the chance to see the full solar eclipse. According to NASA, the cities on that path […] | August 21, 2017
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 16 of the Greatest Pug Memes on the Internet
  The phrase "multum in parvo," meaning a great deal in a small space, is often used to described the charming, loving, and mischievous Pug. Don't let their size fool you; any Pug owner will confirm that you're getting tons of personality with this dog. And that's why Pugs make the perfect meme subjects. A […] | August 10, 2017

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