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Expert Advice: News The Rock Saves Frenchie from Drowning
Actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson (better known as “The Rock”) is the new proud owner of two French Bulldog puppies. But he had a bit of troubling start when he welcomed his new puppies home over Labor Day weekend. On his Instagram page, Johnson shared a story that would make any dog lover’s heart stop. When […] | February 6, 2015
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny Dogs Who Already Won at Halloween This Year
Ready for some serious Halloween-spiration? We've seen dogs do Trump and dress as the Pope, but these dogs of Instagram have taken the holiday to a whole new level. See our favorites of the year so far, from a Shar-Pei in hair rollers to a Brussels Griffon in a bikini.  Think you have these guys […] | January 19, 2015
Expert Advice: Home 7 Pet-Friendly Holiday Decorating Tips
Deck the halls and trim the trees, but remember to take the right precautions to protect your pet. It is possible to transform your living space into one that is both elegantly festive and dog-friendly. Here are a few quick tips from interior designer Heather Higgins, ASID, CID, of Higgins Design Studio, LLC. Skip the Boughs […] | August 18, 2014
Expert Advice: Basic Training 5 Things You’re Doing to Annoy Your Dog
Of course, they love us unconditionally, and they express it every day, with tail wags, leaps of joy, licks and cuddles. But, be honest, don’t you ever notice another kind of expression? A sidelong glance, narrowed lids, a distinct pucker to the lips? Yes, it’s true. Your fuzzy little love muffin is giving you the […] | July 25, 2014
thankful for dog
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny How to Show Your Dogs How Thankful You Are For Them
In the spirit of the season, we asked the AKC Family Dog Facebook followers how they plan to show their dogs how thankful they are for sharing their lives and their love with us. Here are just a few suggestions: "Titan and I are going to the beach with my dad's dog so they can get wet, […] | July 7, 2014
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog Make Your Fourth of July Fido-Friendly
While fireworks and food are a major part of Independence Day festivities, they may not be much fun for your dog.  With all of the loud noises and disruption in his routine, your four-legged friend could end up getting sick – or worse, lost.  To help keep this Fourth of July happy and safe for […] | July 3, 2014
bbq safety tips
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog 5 Barbecue Safety Tips for Dog Owners
  The summer is finally upon us! With the warm weather comes outdoor cookouts and other chances for friends to gather (and maybe catch a fireworks show). Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your backyard bash. Make sure your dog can’t escape. It only takes one guest to leave a door […] | June 13, 2014
bucket list dog
Expert Advice: News Dying Dog Gets to Experience Life’s Greatest Pleasures
  Lauren Watt was heartbroken when her best friend, Gizelle, was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. She and the 8-year-old 160-pound Mastiff shared so many fond memories. So as a way to create many more in the few months they had left together and to help Gizelle enjoy her last little bit of time on Earth, Watt created a […] | March 25, 2014
Expert Advice: Events Death in the Family: ACE-winning German Shepherd Gone at 6 Years Old
  Credit: Robert Young ©AKC We were saddened to hear of the death of Jesse, a German Shepherd search dog from Riverhead, New York. Jesse won the 2013 AKC Humane Fund Award for Canine Excellence (ACE) in the Search and Rescue category. “We lost our beloved Jesse on Christmas night,” read the e-mail from owner-handler […] | January 30, 2014
Expert Advice: News AKC Welcomes New American Breed in Time for Independence Day & Celebrates Breeds from the U.S.
As we approach Independence Day, we reflect back on the 18 breeds that call America home and we’re proud to celebrate each and every one of them, including the Rat Terrier, which gained full AKC recognition in June.  We’re very excited to have the Rat Terrier join the AKC family. In celebration of the Fourth […] | July 2, 2013

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