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Siberian Husky laying on an exam table at the vet.
Expert Advice: Health Researching the Cause of Gallbladder Mucocele in Dogs
Veterinarians are diagnosing an increasing number of dogs with a disease known as gallbladder mucocele. Is this because ultrasonography – the tool required for diagnosis - is more commonly available and they are more adept at recognizing the disease? Or is the incidence truly on the rise? What causes a gallbladder mucocele? And how can we better […] | June 22, 2019
Expert Advice: Health How to Calculate Dog Years to Human Years
Since the 1950s, the popular calculation of how old a dog was “in human years” has been that 1 dog year is the equivalent of 7 human ones. Even though this formula has been around for a surprisingly long time, the reality is not so cut-and-dried. That doesn’t stop many people from defaulting to this […] | June 21, 2019
Expert Advice: Common Conditions Pet Insurance Discounts for Breeders: Providing a High-Value Benefit at a Low Cost 
Breeders want their puppies to live the best lives possible, which is why they take great care to raise each puppy right. From infancy, breeders provide their puppies with high-quality nutrition, socialization techniques, and – eventually - the best home. Breeders choose to invest time, love and resources, so why not invest a little extra protection during the time in a puppy’s life in which he’ll find the most trouble? Breeders are discovering the advantages of enrolling their puppies in pet insurance before they even leave for their new […] | June 10, 2019
Senior dog laying outdoors.
Expert Advice: Health A Look at Canine Epigenetics and Aging
We all want to live a long and healthy life. Likewise, we want our dogs to live the longest, healthiest lives possible. The study of aging, known as gerontology, is an active area of health research for humans and canines. Mapping of the human and canine genomes and continued advancements in genetic technology provide new […] | June 9, 2019
Expert Advice: General Health Joint Disease in Dogs and How to Treat it with Dasuquin
Dogs experience joint pain, stiffness, and aches just like people do. This discomfort can limit their mobility, prevent them from enjoying their favorite activities, and ultimately impact their quality of life. Even simple actions like jumping on the couch or walking up the stairs can become difficult for dogs with joint disease, which is often […] | June 7, 2019
Appenzeller Sennenhunde outdoors with a stick in its mouth.
Expert Advice: Health Sticks and Stones: Can They Hurt Dogs?
They can be more hazardous to your dog than you might think Sticks and stones may break my bones, goes the schoolyard rhyme. But if you’re a dog, they can do even more damage than that. Dogs are amazing creatures, not least of which for their ability to imperil themselves with seemingly innocuous objects. While […] | June 6, 2019
Expert Advice: Can my dog... Can My Dog Have a Stroke?
Like their owners, dogs can be affected by a number of emergency health conditions, including strokes. While strokes are less common in dogs than they are in humans, they are equally as serious. Witnessing your beloved dog having a stroke is a frightening experience — and it's important to know what to do if this […] | May 31, 2019
Public Education Educator Resources Money Taking Care of my Dog
Expert Advice: Health The People Who Pay Other Families’ Vet Bills — And How You Can Do the Same
Every year, countless dogs die or go untreated because their owners can't afford the medical care they need. But many others receive charitable funding for pet healthcare and go on to live long, happy lives. Who are the generous people who donate to these funds, and help keep other families' pets healthy? The American Kennel […] | May 30, 2019
Expert Advice: Health How to Make a Dog Throw Up
We've all been there. Our dogs eat something that they are not supposed to -- a human medication, your other dog's medication, or a tasty treat such as chocolate or raisins -- and our first thought is, "how do I make my dog throw up?" Vomiting is a quick way to remove a harmful substance […] | May 23, 2019
limping hero
Expert Advice: Common Conditions Why Is My Dog Limping?
Like us, dogs limp for a variety of reasons. Unlike us, dogs can’t tell us what happened or where it hurts using words, leaving us struggling to figure it out for ourselves. Your most valuable resource for determining the cause of your dog’s limp is your veterinarian. Before calling to make an appointment, however, most […] | May 21, 2019

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