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Expert Advice: Did You Know? Why Are Some People Afraid of Black Dogs?
I’ll bet if you asked most people “Which animal do you commonly associate with bad luck?” a frequent response you’ll get is “a cat.” Legend has it that if your path is crossed by a black cat, that is a sign of misfortune. In folklore, witches often take the form of black cats while carrying […] | October 15, 2018
hypoallergenic dogs
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Dog Myths Debunked: Does a Completely Hypoallergenic Dog Exist?
Some allergy sufferers are at a disadvantage when it comes to owning pets. As much as we may love dogs, constant allergy symptoms grow tiresome and can even be dangerous in severe cases, when people are allergic to dog dander. That doesn't stop many dog enthusiasts with allergies from looking for alternatives. A quick Internet […] | September 10, 2018
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Dog Myths Debunked: Can Playing Tug-Of-War Lead to Aggression in Dogs?
If you've heard that playing tug-of-war can lead to aggression in dogs, you're not alone. Unlike more innocuous games such as "fetch," tug-of-war inspires debate within the canine community. We chatted with Dr. Mary Burch, director of the AKC Family Dog Program and a certified animal behaviorist, to get her professional opinion on the game […] | July 26, 2018
dog cold
Expert Advice: Health Dog Myths Debunked: Can I Get a Cold From My Dog?
Zoonotic diseases, which can be spread between animals and people, are increasingly making the news. With reports about bird flu and swine flu on the rise, it makes sense that many of us worry about catching illnesses from our pets. When it comes to canine colds, however, we don't need to worry. Can I Catch […] | July 20, 2018
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Dog Myths Debunked: Do Dogs Know When They’ve Done Something Naughty?
We love trying to guess how our dogs think and feel. With their expressive faces and expansive body language, dogs manage to communicate a wide range of emotions to their humans. However, we don't always interpret them correctly. One of the most common examples of this is guilt. What's That Guilty Look For? You've probably […] | June 29, 2018
dental care
Expert Advice: Health Dog Myths Debunked: Do Dogs Need Dental Care?
Has anyone ever told you that dogs don't need dental care because they keep their teeth clean naturally by chewing? Unfortunately for our canine companions, this is not entirely true. Dental health is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. Luckily, keeping your pup's teeth clean is surprisingly simple. What You Should […] | June 26, 2018
Expert Advice: Health Dog Myths Debunked: Can Dogs Get All the Exercise They Need in the Backyard?
Most dogs love spending time outside, and backyards provide a space for their favorite activities, like playtime and training sessions — not to mention the joys of fresh air, sunshine, and rolling around in the grass. But can dogs get all the exercise they need in the yard? Dogs Need More Than a Yard for […] | May 9, 2018
dogs lick wounds
Expert Advice: Health Dog Myths Debunked: Do Dogs Need to Lick Their Wounds for Them to Heal?
We've all heard the expression "licking our wounds." Wound licking is a common practice among animals, as well as humans. You may even have heard that dog saliva has healing properties. The idea that dogs need to lick their wounds in order for them to heal is so pervasive that many people, including ancient societies, […] | April 27, 2018
Expert Advice: Health Dog Myths Debunked: Does a Warm, Dry Nose Mean a Dog Is Sick?
Most dog owners would probably tell you that a cold, wet nose on their canine companion signals a healthy pup. Likewise, many believe a dog is sick when his nose is dry — but is this true? Before we get into that debate, we first need to understand why dogs have wet noses. The answer […] | April 18, 2018
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Dog Myths Debunked: Do Dogs Really Hate Cats?
There is an unspoken line that seems to divide dogs and cats — and sometimes even "dog people" and "cat people." The idea that dogs dislike cats, or vice versa, is so pervasive that it's almost a cliché. But is there any truth behind it, or is it just another dog myth? Do Dogs Hate […] | April 6, 2018

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