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Expert Advice: Common Conditions Lymphoma in Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Most of us have heard of lymphoma. It is a common cancer in people and dogs, which does not make it any less terrifying for dog owners receiving a canine lymphoma diagnosis. Understanding lymphoma can help owners come to terms with a dog's condition, assisting us in making more informed decisions about our dog's health. […] | November 3, 2016
Expert Advice: General Nutrition How to Feed the Senior Dog
Every dog, and especially every senior dog, is different when it comes to nutrition. Sometimes longevity is simply a matter of good care, good genes, and good luck. But there are some basics that nonetheless apply to all. How Many Calories Should My Senior Dog Consume? One of several feeding quandaries associated with older dogs […] | October 28, 2016
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Expert Advice: Puppy Health What Every Puppy Owner Needs to Know About Parvo in Puppies
The last thing any new puppy owner or dog breeder wants to hear is a diagnosis of parvo. Parvo in puppies is unfortunately a common disease with deadly consequences, which is why it is important for anyone dealing with puppies on a regular basis to be aware of the symptoms of parvo and what to […] | October 24, 2016
Expert Advice: Common Conditions Introducing a Ground-Breaking New Test For Canine Bladder Cancer
The Gift of Time: Introducing a Ground-Breaking New Test For Canine Bladder Cancer We live in amazing times. It seems like just yesterday that we awoke to the rising threat of bladder cancer [also known as transitional cell carcinoma (TCC)/urothelial carcinoma (UC)] in our dogs, with new cases being diagnosed far too frequently. As some […] | October 14, 2016
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Expert Advice: Common Conditions Cushing’s Disease in Dogs
If your older dog is drinking and urinating more than usual, it could be caused by a variety of reasons. One cause your veterinarian may test for is Cushing’s disease (CD), also known as hyperadrenocorticism. This condition, usually caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland, is far more common than we realize, but because […] | October 5, 2016
Expert Advice: Common Conditions Worms in Dogs
The idea of worms is unpleasant for many dog owners. Nobody wants to think about creepy crawlies infesting their dog’s internal organs, but understanding the risks, symptoms, and treatment options for worms in dogs is an important part of responsible dog ownership. There are five main types of worms that commonly affect domestic dogs: roundworms, […] | September 14, 2016
Expert Advice: Common Conditions Understanding Hookworms in Dogs
Parasites are unpleasant, and hookworms are no exception. These nasty little worms can do a lot of damage to your dog, which is why it is important for owners to be aware of the symptoms of hookworms in dogs and how to treat them. Here is what you need to know.   What Are Hookworms? […] | September 12, 2016
Expert Advice: Common Conditions The Facts You Need to Know About Giardia in Dogs
I first heard about Giardia in dogs when I was living in the Caribbean. Giardia was very common on the island where we were staying, and as I was researching what I needed to do to protect myself against the dangerous parasite I discovered that my dogs were also at risk. After speaking with my […] | September 12, 2016
Expert Advice: Natural Foods Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?
Next time you steam up some shrimp, you might want to consider setting a few aside for your dog. Not only can dogs eat shrimp, but a few shrimp now and then may even offer them some health benefits.   Shrimp Contain Beneficial Nutrients for Dogs Shrimp are not only tasty, they are full of […] | August 24, 2016
Expert Advice: Natural Foods Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?
The rumors you've heard about chocolate are true. Chocolate might be your favorite treat, but it has deadly consequences for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs and can be potentially fatal. Unfortunately, dogs have a way of sniffing out chocolate treats, which means we need to be alert for […] | August 23, 2016

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