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Expert Advice: News Dogs Heel, Stay, and Wag Tails at Twin Ports Obedience and Rally Trials
A tail-wagging crowd of well-trained dogs showed their skills at the Twin Ports Dog Training Club’s three days of AKC rally and obedience trials at the Four Seasons Event Center in Carlton, Minnesota, Friday through Saturday, July 10–12. The fun began on Thursday evening, with “5 for 5” run-throughs, a casual get-together where owners can get in some […] | July 14, 2015
Expert Advice: Events Dog Lovers Enjoy “Summerfest” of Canine Events in Ventura, CA on July 4 Weekend
California’s Coolest ClusterOn the July 4 holiday weekend, with temperatures ranging between a high of 75 degrees and a low of 61 degrees, the El Camino Real Summerfest cluster of dog shows and obedience and rally trials made good on its promise as “California’s Coolest Cluster.” Beautiful Seaside Park in Ventura is the perfect venue for one […] | July 10, 2015
Ann Arbor annual dog show-2015
Expert Advice: Events Ann Arbor Annual Dog Show – July 3rd – 5th, 2015
  Finishing touches are being applied to Monroe County Fairgrounds; Monroe, Michigan for the annual dog show, hosted this July holiday weekend by Ann Arbor Kennel Club. From Friday July 3rd through Sunday 5th more than two thousand dogs will compete in Conformation, Rally, Obedience and Barn Hunt. For the first time ever, Dock Diving […] | July 6, 2015
Expert Advice: Breeding Tips & Best Practices Advice from the Breeder: Beverly Verna, Regency Miniature Schnauzers
As a breeder-owner-handler of Miniature Schnauzers for the last 37 years, I have been blessed to have been able to produce a dog with a very specific look that speaks to most as “Regency.” These dogs have done well. Some have been number-one in my breed, and one is the top winner in Miniature Schnauzer history. […] | July 1, 2015
Expert Advice: Senior Dog Health Senior Dogs: Caring & Tips
As my father got on in years, he had two favorite expressions. The first was “Gettin’ old ain’t for sissies!” Unfortunately this dictum also applies for our shaggy companions. Whether you are an active fancier with numerous dogs or a pet owner with just one or two dogs, it’s a given that at some point […] | June 30, 2015
Expert Advice: Did You Know? 6 Ways of Looking at a Beagle
If you’ve landed on this page, you probably already know that the lovable Beagle is an irresistible pet. But these merry little hounds with the shoe-button eyes and melodious bark weren’t bred to be just the perfect companion hound. Here, five dog experts, past and present, explain the original working function of the breed and how […] | June 29, 2015
Expert Advice: Responsible Breeding Giving Back to the Breed: Be a Mentor
Do you remember when you first went to a dog show? Do you remember thinking how badly you wanted to join the people showing their dogs? Do you remember standing around and talking to folks around the ring, listening to their stories and asking the beginning of millions of questions? Well, my friend, those folks […] | June 25, 2015
Expert Advice: News News From the German Shepherd Dog World
Great things have occurred and will continue to do so in the coming months for the German Shepherd Dog. The German Shepherd Dog Club of America has organized and implemented its Working Dog (SV) program. This was begun due to the extreme amount of interest from our members in the working dog sport, which for those […] | June 24, 2015
The owner handler social
Expert Advice: Responsible Breeding The Owner-Handler
AKC Gazette breed column, Wire Fox Terriers: There is no reason that an owner-handler cannot compete with professional handlers and do some winning. You have a lovely dog who should be shown. You are not sure you can afford a professional handler, and you wonder if you should show him yourself. There is no reason that […] | June 19, 2015
Expert Advice: Breeding Tips & Best Practices Unhappy About Poor Sportsmanship at Dog Shows? Be the Change
Much has been talked about and written of late about a disturbing trend evident at dog shows: poor sportsmanship. We’ve all heard comments such as “Well, handlers always win with that judge,” or “I can’t believe that dog won the breed,” or “Can you believe what was put up for Winners?” Let’s go back in […] | June 17, 2015

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