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Expert Advice: Events Herding Dogs Prove Their Skills at AKC Herding Tests and Trials in Nebraska
Dry cornstalks rustling in the wind provided a perfect background sound for the Great Plains Bearded Collie Club of Omaha’s all-breed herding tests and trials held Friday–Sunday, October 9, 10, and 11. Ann Witte’s Gaelyn Glen Farm in Springfield, Nebraska, has been host to AKC herding trials for many years as she steered and showcased […] | October 15, 2015
Expert Advice: Did You Know? 10 Surprising Facts About Akitas
1- Before Akitas had an “official” breed name they were referred to simply as "snow country dogs." The breed originated from the snowy, rural, mountainous region of Japan, Akita and Odate, where they were used to hunt boar, elk, and the small Yezo bear. There is a museum in Odate devoted to the breed. Courtesy […] | October 15, 2015
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog 10 Active Dog Breeds That Will Help You Stay Fit
High-Energy Dogs Are Excellent Workout Partners Do you have an active lifestyle? The exercise needs of these ten active breeds would keep any owner in shape. Walking, jogging, biking, hiking, swimming and playing Frisbee with your dog are all fun workouts you can enjoy together. Here at the American Kennel Club we have more than […] | October 12, 2015
Expert Advice: Events Meet The AKC/USA World Agility Team
The AKC/USA World Agility Team is currently competing on the global agility stage for the 20th year in a row. The US Team joins 33 team from other countries in Italy for this year's FCI World Agility Championship on Oct. 8-11. Watch a live steam of the Championships online here: Meet the team below and follow along […] | October 9, 2015
David Frei Announcing M E
Expert Advice: Events David Frei Announcing at Today’s Prestigious Morris & Essex Kennel Club Dog Show With 4,600+ Dogs
By: Debra Lampert Rudman and Arliss Paddock   “It becomes one of those events about which people ask, ‘Did you go? Were you there?’ M&E has it all – atmosphere, ambiance, ladies and gents in their finery, and the world’s best dogs all together at the same time in a glorious outdoor setting. Everybody in the […] | October 2, 2015
Lhasa Apso Closeup
Expert Advice: Conformation To Learn More About Dogs, Find a Mentor
Four decades ago, when I first became interested in Lhasa Apsos, I sought out experienced breeders and exhibitors whose dogs I admired and who were willing to share information. They shared their time and knowledge and answered my endless questions, and I learned from watching and listening. There were far fewer dog shows per year […] | September 10, 2015
Expert Advice: Events Dog Events Across the U.S. This Labor Day Weekend
Looking for something fun to do this Labor Day weekend? Consider heading out to see beautiful and talented dogs of all kinds at a dog show, agility or obedience trial, herding test, lure coursing trial, earthdog test, or other canine event in your area. Below are just a few of the many AKC dog events […] | September 8, 2015
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog Free Online Classes Help Owners Teach Their Dogs to Do Tricks
Looking for a fun training project for dogs and owners? You might want to try out the “Do More With Your Dog” program created by famous Hollywood trainer and AKC competitor Kyra Sundance. This goal-oriented program creates a solid foundation of obedience in the format of learning simple tricks that owners keep track of and […] | August 31, 2015
Expert Advice: Breeding Tips & Best Practices Choosing a Brood Bitch: A Bit of a Gamble
I’m not a fan of country music, but as I begin writing this column, from the radio in the next room the song “The Gambler” is crooning, “The secret to survivin’ is knowing what to throw away, and knowing what to keep.” Choosing a brood bitch is a bit of a gamble. Whether acquiring your […] | August 25, 2015
Expert Advice: Responsible Breeding Dog Show Judges Use a Range of Techniques in Evaluating Dogs
Some dog show judges go over each dog very thoroughly, while others seem to do a more cursory exam, but what matters is that the final decisions are sound. Judges develop individual techniques as they go about the process of evaluating dogs in the show ring. Exhibitors give each individual’s technique considerable leeway, within the […] | August 24, 2015

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