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Parti Cocker Spaniel
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Celebrating the Cocker Spaniel
With their ever-wagging tails, handsome appearance, soulful eyes, and friendly temperament, the merry Cocker Spaniel has deservedly often been in the ranks of most popular dog breed. In fact, the breed was number one in AKC rankings from the late 1930s to the 1950s, and then again during the mid-1980s. Along the way, a divergence in type […] | November 6, 2015
Expert Advice: News Illinois Police Officer Gets Belgian Malinois K9 Partner Thanks to Local Dog Club
>While in training, Belgian Malinois Jax was taught to respond to commands in both Dutch and German. Jax was 18 months old at the time and was largely chosen due to his suitable temperament. As we saw with Nikko, correct temperament is a critical characteristic of a successful police dog. In the breed standard, the […] | November 4, 2015
Expert Advice: Breeding Tips & Best Practices Responsible Breeders Reach Out With a Positive Approach to Fight Anti-breeder Sentiment
As a dog trainer and an instructor for puppy socialization classes, I can’t help but notice that almost all of the purebred puppies I see (and many popular purposely-bred mixes) are not from good local breeders but were purchased through the Internet. It’s actually quite astonishing: On a whim, anyone can Google a breed, click […] | November 3, 2015
Expert Advice: General Health Osteoarthritis—Not Just a Big Dog Problem
What Exactly is OA? OA, or degenerative joint disease, is the painful degradation of the cartilage that lines the ends of bones inside joints. Signs include walking slower or more stiffly, pain when touched in certain areas, or showing discomfort or hesitance to get up, jump, run, or climb stairs. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a leading […] | November 3, 2015
Expert Advice: Common Behavior Issues Leaving Their Calling Card – Curbing the Issue of Marking
AKC GoodDog! Helpline Trainer Erin Rakosky gives tips for preventing your dog from marking Marking is not relieving oneself – it is leaving small amounts of urine on items (trees, bushes, couch) to leave their “calling card” and to say “this is mine.” It seems natural for canines, but is very annoying to humans. This often […] | October 29, 2015
Expert Advice: Did You Know? The Papillon: A Work of Art for Any Age
The Papillon is a small, lively dog from the Toy group. Often depicted in paintings by Renaissance masters (Titian was especially fond of them), these elegant dogs were extremely popular with the nobility of the time. While the origins of the Papillon aren’t exactly clear (they were originally called Dwarf Spaniels), it is generally accepted […] | October 21, 2015
Expert Advice: News The American Kennel Club Promotes Mari-Beth O’Neill and Keith Frazier
New York, NY – The American Kennel Club (AKC®) is pleased to announce the appointments of Mari-Beth O’Neill to Vice President of Sports Services and Keith Frazier to Vice President of Optimization and Support Services. “Through their years of dedication and demonstrated leadership they have helped us make strides in the sport and support services […] | October 16, 2015
Expert Advice: Events Herding Dogs Prove Their Skills at AKC Herding Tests and Trials in Nebraska
Dry cornstalks rustling in the wind provided a perfect background sound for the Great Plains Bearded Collie Club of Omaha’s all-breed herding tests and trials held Friday–Sunday, October 9, 10, and 11. Ann Witte’s Gaelyn Glen Farm in Springfield, Nebraska, has been host to AKC herding trials for many years as she steered and showcased […] | October 15, 2015
Expert Advice: Did You Know? 10 Surprising Facts About Akitas
1- Before Akitas had an “official” breed name they were referred to simply as "snow country dogs." The breed originated from the snowy, rural, mountainous region of Japan, Akita and Odate, where they were used to hunt boar, elk, and the small Yezo bear. There is a museum in Odate devoted to the breed. Courtesy […] | October 15, 2015
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog 10 Active Dog Breeds That Will Help You Stay Fit
High-Energy Dogs Are Excellent Workout Partners Do you have an active lifestyle? The exercise needs of these ten active breeds would keep any owner in shape. Walking, jogging, biking, hiking, swimming and playing Frisbee with your dog are all fun workouts you can enjoy together. Here at the American Kennel Club we have more than […] | October 12, 2015

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