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German Shepherd Dog herding sheep
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog The Best Sports To Do With Your German Shepherd Dog
The German Shepherd Dog is one of the most versatile creatures on earth. There’s not much these strong, agile, fearless dogs can’t do. Ancestors of today’s German Shepherds earned their keep by tending enormous flocks of sheep, as many as 1,000 of them. The AKC has assigned them to the Herding Group, a reflection of […] | June 8, 2016
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Six Great Ways To Get Involved In the German Shepherd Dog World
So you've fallen in love with the stunning, brilliant breed known as the German Shepherd Dog. You are not alone. The German Shepherd, also known by the shorthand GSD, is among the world's most popular canine companions and workers. If you want a job done—whether it's apprehending dangerous criminals, sniffing rubble for disaster survivors, or […] | June 7, 2016
Expert Advice: News Trap Falls Kennel Club Helping Stratford (CT) Police Department Raise Money for a New K-9
Police K-9s have long been an invaluable part of the Stratford (CT) Police Department’s force.  The K-9s perform important tasks that human officers often cannot: pursuing and apprehending fugitives, detecting drugs and explosives, and searching for lost and missing children and senior citizens. Each time a K-9 is retired or leaves the force, the Stratford Police Department must […] | June 6, 2016
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Looking for a Pup? Here’s How To Find the Perfect One
Labrador Retriever puppy. Courtesy Barra Labradors Bringing a dog into your life is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It is a serious commitment to care for an individual who will rely on you completely—for food, shelter, health, and happiness—for a decade or more. In exchange, this puppy or adult dog […] | April 28, 2016
Expert Advice: Did You Know? The Samoyed’s Coat Can Handle a Range of Temperatures
How many times have we heard comments during the heat of summer such as “Boy, your dog must really get hot”? Fortunately Samoyeds, and Arctic breeds in general, have a number of ways of adapting to variations in temperature. The nature of a double coat, and the sheer abundance of coat, make for a very […] | April 25, 2016
Expert Advice: Breeding & Whelping Italian Greyhound Breeder Shares Tips on Socializing Puppies
Much has been written about the need for socializing puppies at an early age, but sometimes even an experienced breeder might forget about this necessity, especially if it's been a while since they raised a litter. One of the things I’ve learned during my almost 50-year involvement with Italian Greyhounds is that this breed is […] | April 25, 2016
Dalmatian pups
Expert Advice: Government Relations AKC Clarifies Position Statements Related to Spaying and Neutering
  The American Kennel Club recognizes the benefits of spaying and neutering dogs that are not part of a responsible breeding program or are not being shown. However, the decision of when and whether to spay or neuter a dog is not one to be taken lightly. Though commonplace, these elective procedures are major surgeries […] | April 20, 2016
Expert Advice: News After A Life-Changing Accident, A Former Competitor Finds Solace In His Dog Show Family
For weeks the excitement built up for 70-year-old Randy Schepper returning to his natural turf – the dog-show arena – before attending the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show in mid-March. One of the Pacific Northwest’s most-loved – and premier – dog handlers, Schepper has been hospitalized and recovering from a devastating auto accident in early […] | March 23, 2016
Expert Advice: Breeding Tips & Best Practices 20 Facts You Should Know About Timing Of Ovulation In The Bitch
As a breeder, you already know that when it comes to reproduction, the canine species is really unique. I have invested many hours over a number of years to help breeders develop a better understanding of how to be successful in the ultimate pursuit of producing healthy litters. Here is a short recap: Progesterone is secreted […] | March 21, 2016
Expert Advice: Government Relations Why We Need Purebred Dog Breeders
With the Westminster Kennel Club dog show recently on TV, it inevitably stirs debate about purebred dogs. These days, a vocal segment of the population detests purebred dogs and their breeders. Whether this is a class issue, a generational issue, politics, or something else, it's hard to say, but it goes far beyond the facts […] | March 11, 2016

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