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breed type
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Breed Type Defines the Breed
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "breed" as a group of usually domesticated animals or plants with identifiable characteristics that distinguish them from other members of their species; especially a group that's characteristics are preserved by controlled mating or propagating. "Breed type" refers to basic form. The entire dog must be taken into consideration in determining proper […] | September 6, 2018
dog body language
Expert Advice: Responsible Breeding Dog Body Language: Is It Important in a Kennel? You Bet It Is
Have you ever heard anyone say, "That dog is red" or "Wow! That dog is really green" or "That yellow dog just turned red"? These colors have nothing to do with a dog’s coat. They are terms to define a dog’s body language and how that translates to the dog’s state of mind. Green dogs […] | September 6, 2018
canine mammary tumors
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding New Treatment Strategies for Canine Mammary Tumors
Canine mammary tumors are common in middle-aged or older bitches. Risk factors include increased age, exposure to ovarian and growth hormones, ovariectomy after 2.5 years of age, and obesity at a young age. Approximately one-half of these tumors are malignant, and local recurrence and distant spread are possible following surgical removal. Prognosis is affected by […] | September 4, 2018
toy fox terriers
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding AKC Breeder Spotlight: Amanda Halsey of DynAsty Toy Fox Terriers
Amanda Halsey, a hobby breeder of Toy Fox Terriers (TFTs), lives in West Central Ohio. Her dogs are bred under the kennel name DynAsty Toy Fox Terriers. She has been breeding and showing TFTs for 16 years. AKC: How did you get started in breeding dogs? Halsey: I showed horses competitively, starting around age 12, and […] | September 3, 2018
Allan Unleashed
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Allan Unleashed: Why Enter Shows With Dogs That Have Not Passed Their Health Clearances?
A promising puppy from your last litter has gotten off to a smashing start with his owner-handler. He made his debut at your breed’s national specialty by winning Best in Sweepstakes, and shortly thereafter beat impressive adult competition to claim his first major. His owner exhibits him beautifully; they have built a great rapport; and […] | August 1, 2018
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Microchips: A Win-Win-Win for Puppy, Buyer, and Breeder
A microchip is universally helpful for puppy, pet owner, and you, the breeder. For the Puppy The immediate importance of pet identification (ID) is often overlooked. This is because pet owners know they will be keeping a watchful eye on their newest family member for successful house-training and to make sure the puppy does not […] | July 13, 2018
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding AKC Breeder Spotlight: Molly and Michael Nye of M&M Bloodhounds
Molly and Michael Nye, of M&M Bloodhounds, live just outside of Charlotte, N.C. Bloodhound fanciers for close to 20 years, they are members of the American Bloodhound Club, regional Bloodhound clubs, and local all-breed and obedience clubs. They are AKC Breeders of Merit, American Bloodhound Club Breeders of Merit, and they both hold offices and […] | July 12, 2018
brood bitch
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Get Your Brood Bitch in Top Shape to Give Birth
To raise strong, healthy puppies, you need a strong, healthy brood bitch. As a breeder, you choose your potential brood bitch carefully, probably earning conformation and/or performance titles with her and making sure she has all the health and genetic testing recommended for the breed. Extensive research goes into choosing a worthy sire that has […] | July 11, 2018
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Understanding the Role of E. Coli Biofilm in Canine Pyometra
Pyometra, or uterine infection, remains a serious health threat for intact bitches. E. coli is the most common cause of canine pyometra, and many strains of this bacteria are known to produce a biofilm. Biofilm is a surface layer of microbes and the slimy extracellular polymeric substances they produce (polysaccharides, proteins, etc.). Biofilms protect bacteria […] | June 22, 2018
dog shows
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Appropriate Behavior at Dog Shows Is Key for Breeders
Not all of the judging at a dog show takes place in the ring. As a breeder-exhibitor, your demeanor and interactions with others will be judged from the moment you set foot on the showgrounds. Stewards, the superintendent and AKC field staff, the show committee, the media, fellow exhibitors, and, perhaps most importantly, the public, […] | June 22, 2018

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