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AKC National Championship 2016
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Brussels Griffons: Should You Ignore the Standard?
At a recent dog show, a dog of another toy breed entered the ring, and he had a very obvious marking that his breed standard calls an “extremely serious fault.”  A very longtime breeder of this breed was showing him. What was the breeder thinking?  Was he making points? Was he hoping the judge didn’t […] | December 10, 2018
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Allan Unleashed: Everything Old is New Again
Dog owners are nothing if not fickle in their tastes. Breed popularity is cyclical through the years and, too often, based on a dog’s random star turn in a movie, TV commercial, or YouTube video (with little research done on the breed’s exercise and grooming needs.) What Happened to Afghan Hounds? Most people are surprised […] | December 6, 2018
Expert Advice: News Meet 7 Winning AKC Dog Breeders
What’s better than owning a top-winning show dog? Simple: Breeding one. In theory, anyone can purchase a canine competitor: All you need is a checking account with enough zeroes in it. But it’s far more challenging to produce quality purebred dogs that are consistently sound, well tempered and typey — that is to say, that […] | October 22, 2018
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Health Testing for a Stronger Breed
Whether you're buying for the show ring or to serve as a companion, health screenings are among the key factors potential owners should consider before choosing a puppy. Increasingly, breeders are turning to health testing to ensure they are doing all they can to create strong matches between dogs that result in healthier puppies. The Canine […] | October 9, 2018
Bulldog- mom with three puppies
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding AKC Government Relations Helps Protect Your Dogs, Breeding Program
As a breeder, you are dedicated to your dogs and your breed. You spend countless hours, time, and energy to ensure your dogs are healthy, well cared for, and loved.  And the American Kennel Club is committed to partnering with you to help achieve these goals through a myriad of programs, education, and resources. One […] | October 9, 2018
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Canine Genetics for Dog Breeders: Part 2
This article is the second in a two-part series. Read part one. Genetics is a fundamental field of biology that covers the passage of genetic information to successive generations (inheritance). More broadly, genetics covers the study of genes, how they are organized in cells, how they are regulated, and how they interact with each other […] | October 9, 2018
veterinary examing cute beagle dog at clinic
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Update on the AKC Canine Health Foundation Epilepsy Initiative
Canine idiopathic epilepsy, recurrent seizures with no identifiable underlying cause, remains a common concern of dog owners and veterinary professionals. Despite the development of new anti-epileptic drugs, many dogs’ seizures remain uncontrolled using currently available therapies. To address this major health concern the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF), along with its donors, has invested over […] | September 26, 2018
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding The Perinatal Period and Puppy Development
Most of us put our all into producing fabulous puppies. We select breeding stock with care, emphasizing things like health clearances and temperament. We raise our pups in enriched pens and feed the best nutrition we can to sires, dams and pups. Yet we may be overlooking the importance of a key period in puppy […] | September 24, 2018
Breeder Cocker Spaniels Puppies
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Breeder Spotlight: Lisa Gaertner of Pinecliff Cocker Spaniels
Lisa Gaertner of Pinecliff Cockers is a lifelong New Jersey resident and has owned Cocker Spaniels for the past 30 years. She is an AKC Breeder of Merit, member of the American Spaniel Club, treasurer of the Keystone Cocker Spaniel Club, and board member of the Cocker Spaniel Club of New Jersey. In addition to […] | September 21, 2018
breed type
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Breed Type Defines the Breed
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "breed" as a group of usually domesticated animals or plants with identifiable characteristics that distinguish them from other members of their species; especially a group that's characteristics are preserved by controlled mating or propagating. "Breed type" refers to basic form. The entire dog must be taken into consideration in determining proper […] | September 6, 2018

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