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Expert Advice: Feature A Dog Of Many Talents: Meet A Grand Champion Ibizan Hound Who Is Also A Service Dog
For 54-year-old Army veteran Rob Shaw life is a rollercoaster of psychological turbulence triggered by PTSD, severe depression, and anxiety disorder. In other words, there is plenty of bite behind the bark. For the past three years, a dose of Pepper has been the best prescription medicine in his attempt to overcome the challenges, all […] | July 7, 2016
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog 7 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In Chicago
  Chicago is a pooch-friendly place, with no shortage of activities that dogs and humans can enjoy together. Here are seven fun things to do with your furry friend in the Windy City.   1. Go To The Park Photo: Matt Stratton/Flickr Chicago has tons of parks where you can walk your dog on a […] | April 20, 2016
dog muzzles and how to use one
Expert Advice: Advanced Training Dog Muzzles: What You Should Know about When, Why, and How to Use One
The idea of putting a muzzle on your dog can be unsettling. Can he breathe, drink, or pant? How long can a dog wear a muzzle? Is it physically painful? Is it cruel? What are the situations where a muzzle might be useful, or maybe even necessary? What is the best type of muzzle to […] | December 18, 2015
Expert Advice: Breeding Tips & Best Practices Life With Weimaraners: Tips from a Breeder
Carole Lee Richards got her first Weimaraner in 1978. She was just looking for a pet at the time, but her interest in the breed quickly grew, and eventually she bred her first litter and was competing in dog shows. Since then she has bred many champions, become an AKC judge, and handled Weimaraners in […] | November 12, 2015
Expert Advice: Did You Know? 5 Things That You Probably Don’t Know About Rottweilers
It's easier to misunderstand some breeds more than others. Many are pretty much what they seem to be: Greyhounds are fast. Golden Retrievers retrieve. American Water Spaniels love the water. Rottweilers are well known to be powerful, protective, and loyal, famous for their instinct for guarding. And they are those things. So much so that the […] | November 9, 2015
Expert Advice: Common Behavior Issues Home Alone 2: What to Do When Your Dog Barks While You Are Gone
You have just been told that while you are at work, your dog barks all day. At first you don’t want to believe it. But you know that if you were in your neighbor’s shoes, you wouldn’t want to listen to endless barking either. A big part of being a responsible dog owner is ensuring […] | October 30, 2015
St. Bernard
Expert Advice: Common Behavior Issues Home Alone: Alleviating Your Dog’s Stress When You Are Away
If your dog seems to stress when you leave the house for work or school, there are several things you can do to make her feel more relaxed. Here are some quick tips for making good-byes a good experience for your dogs: Leave a television or radio on to keep your dog “company" Don't make […] | October 29, 2015
Expert Advice: Common Behavior Issues What Bad Habit of Their Dogs Would Dog Owners Most Like to Stop?
What Bad Habit of Their Dogs Would Dog Owners Most Like to Stop? No one’s perfect, and that goes for our dogs, too. In spite of all the training, practicing, and positive reinforcing, sometimes our dogs pick up a few not-so-great habits. When AKC polled its members, it found that the most common bad habit […] | October 12, 2015
Expert Advice: Home How to Help an Adult Dog Adjust to a New Home
All dogs are creatures of habit, and every change of home causes a dog to feel more anxious and insecure, so changes should be accomplished with careful thought and planning. Be sure that the dog going to a new owner is the right fit for the new home.   Preparing for the New Dog’s Arrival […] | August 21, 2015
Expert Advice: Common Behavior Issues Separation Anxiety in Dogs
Separation anxiety in dogs goes beyond the occasional mournful whimper when you leave the house or the mysterious appearance, now and then, of a bedroom slipper under the kitchen table when you return. Unlike a little mischief when your dog is left alone, separation anxiety is the result of real stress. If your dog exhibits […] | June 16, 2015

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