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Expert Advice: Health Why Is My Dog Shaking? It’s Not Always out of Fear
When it comes to communication, dogs are significantly better at interpreting our body language than we are theirs. Humans rely on verbal language more heavily than body language, whereas dogs are just the opposite. Unfortunately, this often means we are left scratching our heads, wondering what our dogs are trying to tell us. Shaking is […] | May 23, 2018
Expert Advice: How to... Keeping Calm in a Crisis: Why It’s Important for Both You and Your Dog
As a pet owner, your dog’s safety starts with you. Although canines are extremely smart animals, they take their cues from their owners and rely on them to meet most of their needs, including keeping them calm during times of crisis. “Dogs are deeply sensitive to human emotions, especially in their particular guardians,” says Sally […] | May 11, 2018
Expert Advice: How to... How to Deal With Temporary Changes in Your Dog’s Routine Following a Disaster
After a disaster or crisis, all you really want is for things to get back to “normal.” Unfortunately, we all know that rarely happens overnight. Dealing with the aftermath of an emergency can be just as stressful as the event itself for everyone in the house, including the dog. You may find yourself in temporary […] | May 11, 2018
Expert Advice: Health Has Your Dog Become Sensitive to Noise? It Could Be Undiagnosed Pain
Is your dog suddenly fearful of noises that were never a problem before? A new study suggests that before you look for a behavioral solution, you should make sure there isn't an underlying medical cause. The study, which was published in February 2018 in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, looked at two groups of dogs that […] | May 7, 2018
why does my dog follow me everywhere
Expert Advice: Why does my dog... Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?
As dog owners, we love spending quality time with our pups. But there have been days when you might have wondered, "Why does my dog follow me everywhere?" The answer has to do with your dog's animal instinct and pack mentality. Canine companions that exhibit this type of behavior are often referred to as “Velcro […] | May 3, 2018
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Can Dogs Predict Earthquakes?
Dogs are amazing creatures, and some of their skills seem almost supernatural. Of course, it isn’t magic that gives dogs their extra-special abilities; they are simply able to sense things outside human perception. For example, they can smell odors and hear high-pitched noises undetectable to us. Is it possible that those super senses can help them predict earthquakes, too? As far […] | February 21, 2018
Expert Advice: Training Agility Training Is Great for Anxious Dogs
If you have a fearful or anxious dog, you might think competitive dog sports are out of the question. After all, if unfamiliar people, dogs, and/or environments overwhelm your dog, how can you train him to participate, let alone compete, successfully? However, when it comes to agility, the very process of training might be just […] | January 3, 2018
Expert Advice: Basic Training Basic Obedience Training For Your Dog
Finding an obedience trainer for your dog seems simple. Google the nearest dog training school, call and sign up, right? Not so fast . . . There are many factors that go into choosing the right training school for you and your dog. Certainly distance is a consideration; however, convenience shouldn’t be the only factor […] | August 24, 2017
Expert Advice: Home Is Your Dog a Good Citizen? You’d Better Hope So, for Insurance’s Sake
Many people are understandably upset when their insurance agent tells them he's unable to renew their homeowner's policy. The reason? Many companies have a list of dog breeds that they have predetermined are potentially territorial and overly protective. For most dog owners, parting with their beloved pups isn't an option. Luckily, some savvy homeowners have […] | August 1, 2017
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Should I Let My Dog Sleep With Me?
  Do you let your dog sleep in your bed with you at night? Research has shown that slightly less than one-half of all pet owners share their bed or bedroom with their pet. Even so, you have likely been told by at least one well-meaning person that your dog should sleep on the floor, […] | July 24, 2017

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