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Expert Advice: News Dog Show Legend Jane Forsyth Dies at 86
Jane Kamp Forsyth—breeder, handler, all-breed judge, AKC Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and towering figure on the international dog-show scene—died on July 3. She was 86 years old. “The entire American Kennel Club mourns the loss of Jane Forsyth, and we send our condolences to Bob and Sioux,” AKC President/CEO Dennis Sprung says. “Janie was an inspiration […] | July 6, 2015
Expert Advice: Grooming This Dog Trims His Own Nails. Yours Can, Too!
Many dogs and people hate this grooming task, but these owners found a unique way to solve the problem. Leon was uncomfortable having his paws handled, which made nail trims no fun for anyone. While his owners work to condition him to be comfortable with traditional nail trims, an interim solution is this makeshift doggie […] | June 26, 2015
Expert Advice: News News From the German Shepherd Dog World
Great things have occurred and will continue to do so in the coming months for the German Shepherd Dog. The German Shepherd Dog Club of America has organized and implemented its Working Dog (SV) program. This was begun due to the extreme amount of interest from our members in the working dog sport, which for those […] | June 24, 2015
Expert Advice: Conformation Judging the Big Show
It is always a tremendous honor to be asked to judge at one of the big, prestigious shows. It’s a thrill. One thing that makes it so is that these shows tend to draw dogs of excellent quality, and it’s always a pleasure to go over quality dogs. When you’re judging a televised show, you […] | June 16, 2015
Booker Tour U.S. Capitol
Expert Advice: News Rumor takes the Capitol By Storm
On the afternoon of May 1, “Rumor” (Grand Champion Lockenhaus' Rumor Has It V Kenlyn), the German Shepherd Dog who took Best in Show honors at both the 2017 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the 2015 AKC National Championship took a grand tour of the U.S. Capitol to raise awareness of purebred dogs and […] | May 9, 2015
Expert Advice: Breeding & Whelping Where Have All the Doberman Breeders Gone?
When I was looking for my first Doberman, I went to the local dog shows and saw which dogs appealed to me. At that time there were over 80 Dobermans entered at all the big shows in the Pacific Northwest. I talked to the people there and got the names of breeders. The people were […] | April 24, 2015
Expert Advice: Events Winners Crowned at Rally and Obedience National Championships
The 2015 Obedience and AKC Rally National Champions were crowned this weekend at the American Kennel Club's National Obedience Championship and the AKC Rally National Championship, held at Purina Farms just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. The Championships drew more than 500 of the most highly trained dogs in the nation. Pamela Manaton, AKC Director […] | March 19, 2015
Expert Advice: Did You Know? The Anatolian Shepherd Dog: Fearless Livestock Guardian and Lifesaver
The Anatolian Shepherd Dog has been bred for millennia to do one thing: guard livestock. Unlike Australian Cattle Dogs, German Shepherd Dogs, Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, and other breeds, he doesn't herd them. That's why he is a member of the AKC's Working Group, not its Herding Group. The words most closely associated with the ancient […] | June 9, 2014
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Westminster Winner: GCH Afterall Painting the Sky
Way to go, "Sky!" Wire Fox Terrier GCH Afterall Painting the Sky was crowned Best in Show last night at the 138th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Sky was also Best in Show at our 2012 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Congratulations to her owners Torie Steele, Victor Malzoni, Jr., Diane Ryan and Mary and Scott Olund. […] | March 6, 2014
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny What is Your Dog-Show Name?
Just how humans have first and last names, dogs registered with the AKC have two names as well but it works a little differently. Every registered dog will have its official name and what is known as a "call name," which is what you call them when you're playing with them in the backyard. So […] | January 1, 2009

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