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Expert Advice: Puppy Training How to Potty Train a Puppy: A Comprehensive Guide for Success
Teaching your new puppy to potty at the right time and place is one of the most important first steps you can take for a long, happy life together. House soiling is among the top reasons why dogs lose their homes or end up in shelters. Few people are willing to put up with a […] | March 2, 2019
Expert Advice: Puppy Training How To Help Your New Puppy Deal With Separation Anxiety
Imagine, if you can, being a little baby, cared for and safe with your parents and siblings. Then imagine being abruptly removed from everything you know and plopped down in a new place, with new people, new sounds, smells, and sights. Sounds pretty scary, doesn't it? That's how a new puppy feels when you bring […] | July 28, 2016
Closeup of a Golden Retriever puppy sleeping
Expert Advice: Puppy Health How Much Do Puppies Sleep?
Although puppies may seem like little bundles of energy, in fact, they sleep 15-20 hours a day. One minute your puppy may be a miniature tornado, and the next he's fallen soundly asleep, almost mid-activity. Sleep is essential to healthy growth: during sleep his central nervous system, brain, immune system, and muscles are developing. All […] | July 28, 2016
Expert Advice: Home Puppy-Proofing Tips For Your Home And Yard
Congratulations! You’ve taken the plunge and joined the exciting and sometimes chaotic world of dog ownership. By now, hopefully you’ve done the research and have somewhat of an understanding of how to care for your new puppy. Your house is going to be the place that your dog spends the majority of his life, so […] | July 27, 2016

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