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Cavalier begging
Expert Advice: Common Behavior Issues Beggars Can’t Be Choosers: How to Stop Your Dog from Begging at the Table
When you sit down to eat dinner, does your dog try to get in on the action?  It's hard to resist sharing your meal with your dog when he looks up at you with those eyes, but begging can quickly become a problem.  To help owners teach their dog to kick the bad habit, the AKC […] | September 6, 2016
Expert Advice: Common Behavior Issues Home Alone 2: What to Do When Your Dog Barks While You Are Gone
You have just been told that while you are at work, your dog barks all day. At first you don’t want to believe it. But you know that if you were in your neighbor’s shoes, you wouldn’t want to listen to endless barking either. A big part of being a responsible dog owner is ensuring […] | October 30, 2015
Expert Advice: Basic Training How to Break up a Dogfight
Don’t become a victim in a dogfight. Keep in mind that aggressive dogs will attack anything in their fight zone during a confrontation. Let’s first focus on the wrong ways to stop a dogfight. Never reach in with your hands to separate two fighting dogs. The intense, violent nature of the fight may cause even […] | April 24, 2015
Expert Advice: Travel What to Look for When Boarding Your Puppy
  Steps To Finding The Right Place To Board Your Dog When finding a place to board your dog, it is important you find a location that is comfortable for both you and your dog. Check out these tips for finding the right space to board your dog. Ask if they are members of the American Boarding Kennels […] | March 10, 2015

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