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AKC Trick Dog

Rules For 2020 AKC Virtual Trick Dog Competition

Attention AKC Trick Dogs! We are pleased to announce the 2020 Virtual AKC Trick Dog National Competition.

AKC Elite Performer Trick Dogs everywhere can participate in this exciting annual event.

How it works: Submit a video of your dog’s AKC Trick Dog routine.

  • As long as your dog has the Elite Performer Trick Dog title (by October 1, 2020), you can submit a routine. The routine may, but does not have to adhere to the requirements for earning your AKC Elite Performer Trick Dog title.For example, the Elite Performer title requires that you use at least 5 props and 5 Performer level tricks. While you don’t have to do this in your submission for the 2020 competition, keep in mind that performances with props and higher level tricks are likely to score better.
  • The routine must be no longer than 6 minutes. If you move props once you start the routine, this is included in the 6 minutes. A minimum of 10 tricks should be included.
  • The routine may include music. A script may be read by a helper, the handler may tell the story, the video may include written words to narrate the story, or the handler can use music to depict the mood (e.g., the story is the dog goes to France and French music plays as the dog does the tricks).
  • Handlers may wear costumes; dogs may wear a decorative collar or neck ruffle but may not wear costumes.
  • You may use a new video, a video previously submitted to AKC for review, or a video of a past trick dog performance.
    Videos submitted for last year’s 2019 AKC Virtual Tricks Competition may not be submitted.
  • The dog must be living at the time of the submission.
  •  The routines will be judged based on:
    • creativity
    • fluency (accuracy of tricks, difficulty)
    • flow from one trick to the next
    • handling skills
    • entertainment value
    • overall impression (background, etc.)
  •  The application including the video link must be received by 5:00 p.m. on October 1, 2020. (submit to