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Junior Tip:Help the Field Staff Help You

Help the Field Staff Help You

By Patricia Proctor

I think that most of you know by now, that the AKC has a Weekly Wins Page on the website. For the most part, depending on the show facility, the Weekly Wins are put on the website live, day of show by the attending Executive Field Representative. If not day of show, soon thereafter. And if you have browsed the Weekly Wins page, you will see that the information for the Best Junior Showman is listed directly under Best In Show and Reserve Best In Show, in a very prominent location.

There are several pieces of information that the Field Rep. will list for Best Junior. The judge, number of entries, class of the Best Junior and the name of the Best Junior. In addition to these, the breed that the Best Junior showed is listed. All of you by now know that whenever possible, the Field Representative is ringside in support of all Juniors and all of their accomplishments. So for the most part, the Field Representative actually sees who has won Best Junior and what breed was handled. At times, this is not possible due to the Field Reps. schedule. And at times the breed that you are handling has changed from what is listed in the catalog. If the Field Rep. is not ringside, or has been called away, the breed of dog that is listed in the catalog will be the breed of dog that is listed on the Weekly Wins page.

So my suggestion to you is, if you do win Best Junior, please find the Field Rep. that is at your show and inform the Field Rep. what breed you showed to your Best Junior win. Especially if the breed is different than the one listed in the catalog. In this way, all of your information will be listed correctly and viewed by all who do check out the Weekly Wins page daily.

Good luck in the ring. Do your best. Have patience with your dog, who like you can have good and bad days. The Field Staff is very proud of all of you and wish you much fun in the ring. See you at the shows.