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Junior Spotlight

Junior Report: Rose Rubing

My name is Rose Rubing and I am a 16-year-old junior handler. I live in Florida and I compete in dog agility with my dog Slick Trick, who is an All-American. He and I have been a team for five years now. I have been training in agility since I was about nine years old. My first agility dog was originally just going to be our family pet. His name is Kowabunga or “Bunga” for short. He is also an All-American rescue, who is very big. When we first adopted Bunga, my mom wanted me to learn how to train a dog responsibly and have good control over him, but she also wanted it to be fun. She searched for different ways to train dogs enjoyably. The most interesting and fun form of training we found was dog agility. So my mother signed me up for puppy class, basic obedience and then, beginner agility classes at K9 Educational Training Center of Hillsborough, aka, K.E.T.C.H. I trained and continue to train under the instruction of  Wendy Pape. I worked with Bunga for a year but we could not progress in the sport due to a broken rear leg that never healed correctly. He was hit by a car long before we rescued him. He also had loose knees and hip dysplasia. He went on to become a certified therapy dog instead. After a while, Wendy Pape told us about another rescue dog that needed a home. She led us to Slick Trick. He and I got along wonderfully from the start, so we adopted him and started our new team.

As I improved my handling skills, I have had the pleasure of working with dogs other than my own. Last year I was running with a friend’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and this year I am assisting another friend by training and competing with her Chihuahua, Buster. I have put titles on both and will continue to pursue placing more on Buster. We always have so much fun in the ring.

As a junior handler in the American Kennel Club, I have learned good sportsmanship, responsible dog ownership, patience, and many other valuable lesson I will use in my lifetime. I have been blessed to have several shining role models and mentors through my local dog club, dog trials, and the AKC.  In turn, I have been able to help other dog enthusiasts.

I am a member of Tampa Bay Agility Club and I have recently been appointed to be the Public Education Coordinator (PEC). This position places me as a liaison for the American Kennel Club, Tampa Bay Agility Club and the local community. I help spread important news about responsible dog ownership, dog health, activities, safety, etc. I enjoy this job, as it allows me to spread knowledge about dogs to others.

I love running in AKC trials and have loved it since I started.  It is so much fun to play with my dog and my friends’ dogs in the ring. Each run and training class gives me new knowledge I can use to further my growth in the sport.