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Beagle Field Trials

Beagle Pack Hall Of Fame

By AKC Field Representative William Van De Bogart

The Beagle Large Pack Hall of Fame was formed in 2005 from a committee consisting of two members from each association in the federation of AKC Large Pack Beagle clubs and one from each association in the Canadian hare circuit. The chairman of the committee was Robert Kane III. Committee members were selected at the Federation of Large Pack Beagle Clubs 2005 meeting.

Criteria for choosing nominees was based on persons from past to present who made a positive impact on the sport, hounds that have had great field trial careers and legendary producers from both the USA and Canada. Also, a family would be eligible to be inducted into the hall of fame such as a husband and wife.

For the first three years, four living members and four deceased members and four hounds (deceased) were inducted. Starting in 2008 there will be only two members for each category inducted yearly. The structure of the nominating committee also changed in 2008. It now consists of the 12 living members of the hall of fame and the two members that are added each year.

This year’s (2009) nominees for living Beaglers were John Hall, Bob Kane Jr., George Steeves and Howard Wilson. Deceased Beaglers were Ray Libby, Don Lapoint, Terry McBride and Clifford Warren. Hounds were F.C. Dagwood Labaan, F.C. Mountaineer Sonny, I.F.C. Round Pond Mr. T. and Tamarack Tiger.

Ballots for voting on the Large Pack hall of fame are in the September issue of the Better Beagling Magazine.

The 2009 awards will be presented at the AKC Large Pack National Championship at the Sandy Creek Beagle Club in Lacona N.Y. on the evening of November 7, 2009, at the annual awards banquet.

Past inductees are:

Living Beaglers

2005 — Ralph Dewitt, Dan Kane, Albert & Annabelle Yaunke, Howard & Sharon Cate.

2006 — Art Beamer, Joe Corullo, Dominic Leitza, Tom Sharpe.

2007 — Dick Doyle, Coady MacDonald, Butch Keene, John Ortruba.

2008 — Jeri Blair and Huck Rollman

2009 — John Hall and George Stevens

Deceased Beaglers

2005 — Clarence Jones, Clarence Ward, Charlie & Billie Leadbetter, Maurice & Helen Sampson.

2006 — Ben Muennink, Homer Larmay, Annie Johnson, Ralph Bushey.

2007 — Elson Mellor, Willet Randall, Fran White, Low Wormouth.

2008 — Gerald & Elinor Gianini and Bill Scott

2009 — Terry McBride and Ray Libby


2005 — I.F.C. Able’s East Coast Trimmer, I.F.C. Adirondack Bobby, F.C. Dingus MacRae, I.F.C. Mt. Zion Pete.

2006 — I.F.C. Birch Haven Bruiser, I.F.C. Brad-Ju’s Bella Donna, I.F.C Larmay Toastmaster, F.C. Mountaineer King.

2007 — F.T.C. Branko’s Jack of All Trades, I.F.C. Champlain Bucky, I.F.C. J-Wall of Roxline, F.T.C. Straight Arrow.

2008 — F.C. Suger River’s Sweet Magnolia and I.F.C. Maple Sugar Danie.

2009 — F.C. Mountaineer Sonny and I.F.C. Round Pond Mr. T