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NOHS Levels of Achievement

Overview of the AKC NOHS Levels of Achievement

Consistent with the AKC’s ongoing efforts to grow the AKC National Owner-Handled Series (NOHS) program and the sport overall, the American Kennel Club (AKC®) is pleased to announce the AKC National Owner-Handled Series Levels of Achievement to include Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards to exhibits obtaining a predetermined number of NOHS points for each level of award.


The NOHS Levels of Achievement will utilize the same NOHS point system used to determine the annual rankings for the NOHS.  The Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum NOHS Levels of Achievement will be earned by obtaining a minimum number of lifetime NOHS points.

Bronze 250
Silver 500
Gold 1,000
Platinum 2,000

For each NOHS Level of Achievement, the first owner listed on the dog will receive an emailed certificate to honor the accomplishment and a NOHS Level of Achievement pin. The pin will be the NOHS logo cast to reflect the color of the NOHS Level of Achievement.  As this is not a titling program, it will not reflect on the dog’s AKC registered name.

All dogs will be grandfathered back to the beginning of the NOHS program in 2012. Dogs grandfathered will receive the highest NOHS Level of Achievement certificate and pin that they have earned at the time of implementation.  As additional achievement levels may be reached, subsequent certificates and pins will be awarded.  For those who may desire, additional pins will be available for purchase.

Due to the cancellation of events, the launch date for the NOHS Levels of Achievement has been modified to January 1, 2021.