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AKC Title Recognition Program – New Title Holders 

The AKC works with several non-AKC service and sports organizations to recognize the titles that AKC- registered dogs earn in their programs. This includes the AKC Therapy Dog titling program and the AKC Search & Rescue title program. AKC also recognizes titles of the Barn Hunt Association (BHA); North American Diving Dogs (NADD); and the North American Flyball Association (NAFA). For more information on how to apply for AKC recognition of these titles, go to: Title Recognition Program. Read on to meet some of the All-American Dogs who are recent achievers in these sports.

AKC Therapy Dog Title

The AKC Therapy Dog Title program offers titles based on the amount of service that a therapy team has volunteered, giving more dogs the opportunity to earn the honor. Dogs also must be certified by an AKC-recognized therapy dog organization. The titles are:

AKC Therapy Dog Novice (THDN). Must have completed 10 visits.

AKC Therapy Dog (THD). Must have completed 50 visits.

AKC Therapy Dog Advanced (THDA). Must have completed 100 visits.

AKC Therapy Dog Excellent (THDX). Must have completed 200 visits.

AKC Therapy Dog Distinguished (THDD). Must have completed 400 visits.

We salute these All-Americans who are recent recipients of the THDD title for 400 or more visits!

Olson’s Yankee Doodle Dandy THDD owned by Doty Olson of Kingwood, TX 

Doodle, a tiny 3 ½ pounds, was born on the Fourth of July – hence his name. “He was born with several health problems,” said Doty, “which made him understand how much love can do to make us all better. His career as a Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dog began as soon as he turned a year old; he is now 7 and looks forward to every visit he makes.”

They visit mostly with children at hospitals and schools, but also enjoy their time at a rehab hospital and a prison where they visit with men in a psychiatric unit. They “melt and talk quietly” when Doty puts Doodle in their arms or on their laps. Doodle earned the Therapy Dog Distinguished title on April 9, 2019, at The Westview School for children with autism. “Those kids and their teachers say he is ‘irresistible,’ and he loves them. There is nothing Doodle would rather do than make a human, of any age, smile,” said Doty.

Zippy THDD owned by Charlene Sheets of Goose Creek, SC 

Zippy was a 6-month-old pup when the Sheets decided to visit a family member who was undergoing rehab at a local nursing home. “She loved everything about that first visit,” said Charlene. “She interacted with everyone so well and she even had a little skip to her step.” They saw her ability and how she made people feel and realized that this was something they wanted to do – and it was “something that Zippy was born to do.”

Zippy became a certified therapy dog on July 31, 2013. She is a weekly visitor at White Oak Manor where she visits more than 20 patients a week. Most weeks Zippy is dressed in one of her many dresses. She also has a special weekly visit with her veteran home-bound friend. Special visits are also fulfilled when requested by family and friends.

Her Therapy Dog Distinguished title was awarded on March 1, 2019. Zippy made her 500th visit on October 18, 2019. She also holds the title of Therapy Dog/Team Member Cheerleader at Animal Medical Clinic of Goose Creek. She can be found at that location on Fridays after her visits to assist Charlene at work. “The love, happiness, and hugs that Zippy provides is beyond what words can describe. You can tell that she has a deep love for her job, and it shows with every visit,” added Charlene.

Congratulations also to these dogs who have earned the THDD:

  • Trooper Velleri THDD CGCowned by Candace J. Velleri and Austin Finley of Melbourne, FL
  • Wylie Of Waverly THDD CGC owned by Patricia Wheeler of Livermore, CA

Barn Hunt Association

The BHA enables all dogs to participate in the sport of hunting for vermin. Dogs track rats safely enclosed in sturdy tubes that are hidden among hay bales. The titles range from Novice level to Champion to Champion Excellent, and since March, Crazy 8s. Go to for more information.

Congratulations to All-American Dogs who recently received recognition of their BHA titles:


  • MACH PACH Bradley’s Brandy BN RI FDC MXG MJS MXP6 MXPS MJP5 MJPS PAX2 OF XFP T2B2 T2BP2 RATCHX17 CZ8P3 DN CGCA CGCU TKI owned by Alison and Kevin Bradley of Fayetteville, AR


  • Emberly RN OA OAJ XF CAA FCAT SWN SCA RATM CZ8B DMA owned by Kathryn Tyler Smiley of Fall Branch, TN


  • Sallie O Mallie RATN CGCA CGCU TKN owned by Bonnie Cook of Corrales, NM
  • Sir Henley CAA BCAT RATN owned by Gary and Tracy Cann of Dacula, GA


  • Shepherd’s Howl at The Moon NA NAJ OAP AJP OFP RATS CGCA TKN owned by Kathe and Michael Shepherd of Simpsonville, KY

North American Diving Dogs

NADD offers titles in both distance dock jumping and air retrieve for all dogs. Dogs receive titles based on how far they jump and only compete in the same division with dogs that jump similar distances. In this issue, in addition to recognizing titles earned, we congratulate the All American Dogs who won awards at the 2019 NADD National Championship. For more information go to

Congratulations to Winners at the 2019 NADD National Championship

AKC Canine Partners congratulates the All-American Dogs and their owners who competed and won honors at the North America Diving Dogs Championship, Dec. 13 – 15, in Orlando, FL.

Photo:  Whitney Rupps/Chop Photography


  • St. Christopher AD CGC CAA DCAT owned by Georganna Acord of Frazeysburg, OH placed 5th in Open Junior
  • Gryffon CA BCAT owned by Becky Haen of Elkhark Lake, WI placed 7th in Open Elite
  • On Target’s Simply Legendary owned by Karleen Brown of Everett, WA placed 4th in Open Premier
  • Boom owned by Cindy Greenslade of Long Beach, CA placed 7th in Open Premier


  • Spec On The Road CGC AD NAJ NF OF owned by Janet Baker of Whitesburg, GA placed 4th in Veteran Novice
  • Satchmo CGC NAP NJP OAP OJP AXP RE BCAT owned by Joy Pitcher of Stephens City, VA placed 4th in Veteran Senior
  • Sophia Rose owned by Marian and Mark Hudson of Smyrna, DE placed 2nd in Veteran Master
  • Lexie owned by Janice Costa of Bethpage, NY placed 6th in Veteran Master
  • Schizo CD RE DE TKA (pictured) owned by Rachael Brinkman of Gaines, MI placed 4th in Veteran Elite


  • Olive AD NA NAJ NAP NJP CA TKA owned by Alysha Riel of Savage, MN placed 4th in Lap Junior
  • Beanadiction and Debra Huff and Douglas Heym of Laingsburg, MI placed 9th in Lap Senior
  • Blue Cedar Follow That Car! NAJ NAP NFP OAP OJP CA BCAT owned by Amanda Haldeman of Hampden, MA placed 1st in Lap Master
  • Ready, Willing, and Mabel CGC AD NA NAJ NF OA OAJ OF AX AJX TKA owned by Tory and Michael Waxman of Solon, OH placed 2nd in Lap Master
  • Mojo Show Me The Money BCAT owned by Jessica Edgerly of Lebanon, CT placed 8th in Lap Master
  • Blue Cedar Makin’ Waves owned by Nichole Curry of Hilliard, FL placed 5th in Lap Elite

Air Retrieve:

  • Brown’s Nala Bear CA owned by Karleen Brown of Everett, WA placed 1st in Air Retrieve Novice
  • Boom owned by Cindy Greenslade of Long Beach, CA placed 2nd in Air Retrieve Master
  • Blue Cedar Makin’ Waves owned by Nichole Curry of Hilliard, FL placed 6th in Lap Air Retrieve Senior

DE (Dock Elite)

Congratulations to this All-American Dog for receiving AKC recognition of the top-level Dock Elite (DE) title for making five jumps over 23 feet:

Rigby Pelzer BCAT DE DM owned by Carrie and Cole Pelzer of Gainesville, FL 

Rigby is a lab/Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog mix who was transferred from a flooded shelter in Clay County, FL, to the Jacksonville Humane Society after Hurricane Irma. It was there that Carrie and Cole Pelzer found and fell in love with him. They brought him home and realized immediately that Rigby needed a job to do. Building on his natural toy drive, they decided to try dock diving, and Rigby instantly excelled. In just one full season of competing with NADD, Rigby has earned five titles (DS, DM, DMA, AS, DE) and qualified for the National Championship.

Rigby earned his DE at 24k Diving Dogs on June 29, 2019.

DM – Dock Master

  • He’s All Tuckered Out Downed by Taylor Landers of Notasulga, AL
  • Trinity Jean Norman BCAT DM CGCowned by Kimberly J. Norman of Valrico, FL 
  • Miracle’s Mother Teresa DM DS owned by Sharod T. Johnson of Chula Vista, CA

DS – Dock Senior

  • Saylor Davis-Lopez DS DJ CGC owned by Benito Lopez and Heather Davis-Lopez of McAllen, TX
  • Miracle’s Mother Teresa DM DS owned by Sharod T. Johnson of Chula Vista, CA

DJ – Dock Junior

  • Emma Written in The Stars Mecklenburg ACT1 RATO DJ DDB CGC owned by Roberta Mecklenburg of Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Roy Knowles DJ CGCA CGCU TKP owned by Kelly Knowles of Herndon, VA


  • Wylie Texas Fottler Sissie DCAT DJX3 owned by Gordon Douglas and Lori Lagasse of Allen, TX

DN – Dock Novice

  • Fergus Of Chapman Clan DN owned by Susan Chapman of Sugar Land, TX
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