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Junior Spotlight Fall 2018

Meet Brianna FryerLife Happily Engulfed by Dog Sports

Brianna Fryer, 18, and a recent graduate of the Florida Virtual School (Class of 2017), has competed successfully in agility with her All-American, Jazabell CGC BN NA NAJ NF OA OAJ OF AX AXJ XF MXJ. A visit to a 4H dog day piqued her interest in agility, and she has big plans for even more success in the sport.

Name: Brianna Fryer
Age: 18
Hometown: Ocala, FL
Grade: Graduate of Florida Virtual School; enrolled in a veterinary assistant program
Family: Parents Bill and Sue Fryer, brother Joshua

AKC: How old is Jazabell and how did she come into your life?
Brianna: Jazabell (aka Jazzy) is around 10 years old. We got Jazzy in 2010 from an older man who could no longer take care of her.

AKC: What got you started in training and competing with dogs? Tell us about what dog training has meant to you.
Brianna: Shortly after we got Jazzy, I went to a 4H dog day and I have been hooked since. I started training with Jazzy in obedience and agility for the local 4H fair. I knew I wanted to compete more than once a year with 4H; that’s when I started to show in AKC in 2012. Training and competing with my dogs have engulfed my life in the best way possible.

AKC: What sports does Jazabell compete in and what titles/honors has she earned?
Brianna: Jazzy has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen, Beginner Novice Obedience, Excellent Agility, Excellent Agility Jumper, Excellent FAST titles and we are on our way to our MACH (Master Agility Championship). Jazzy and I competed in the AKC Junior Agility Competition in 2016 and 2017. In 2016, we earned third place in the Jumpers round and fifth overall in the 12-inch height division. In 2017, Jazzy and I earned fourth place overall in the 12-inch height division.

AKC: Tell us about any other dogs you may have – names, ages and what sports they compete in.
Brianna: On Dec. 24, 2015, my agility prospect was born. I decided to get a Rat Terrier puppy that was born and bred for speed and stamina. Bling is just over 2 years old and well on her way to being brilliant like Jazzy. Bling has competed in agility since last May and has earned her Novice Agility, Novice Agility Jumper and Novice FAST titles. Bling also competed in the AKC Junior Agility Competition. We ended up 8th overall in the 12-inch height division.

AKC: Do you own any “non-dog” pets? 
Brianna: In addition to Jazzy and Bling I have a cat, Snow White, and a dwarf hamster, Kevin. Kevin was named after a character on the show “The Office.”

AKC: What are your goals in the sport of dogs?
Brianna: My goals, in order, are to finish Jazzy’s MACH, go to Nationals, be invited to Invitationals with Bling, and be on the EO (European Open) team.

AKC: Do you plan do to something animal-related as a career?
Brianna: I am enrolled in a veterinarian assistant program. I plan to become a veterinarian and specialize in orthopedic and sports medicine for dogs.