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The AKC Agility Course Test, or ACT, is an entry level agility event designed to introduce beginning dogs and their handlers to the sport of agility. Any dog who has not earned any agility title is eligible. Dogs must be 15 months old and do not need to be AKC registered at the time of entry. Entry takes place at the event and not weeks before as with regular AKC agility trials.

There are two levels. ACT1 is for beginners to demonstrate beginning sequencing and performance skills. There are no weave poles or teeter in ACT1. ACT2 has a few more obstacles and an increased skill level required. ACT2 includes six weave poles, and any contact obstacle may be included. It takes two qualifying runs at each level to earn the ACT1 and ACT2 titles.

ACT events may be held at training schools where dogs are already comfortable with the atmosphere.

Exhibitors will get help with filling out an entry form, reading a course map, and how to enter and exit the ring at a competition. They will also get information on how to handle their dogs when being judged. For more information about the ACT program, watch this video.

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