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I am a supreme sheep herding dog. I live to work. I am a great breed for athletic, active people who are ready to keep me active too. My idea of work includes driving (or herding) sheep and other animals; competing in AKC Agility and Obedience trials, search and rescue, narcotics and bomb detection; serving as a guide dog for the blind and deaf; and even performing for movies and television.

I have speed, intelligence, an intense concentration and deep desire to please my owner. Because I am such a good herder, farmers have loved my breed for centuries. We originated in the “border” (that’s a big hint as to what my name is!) area between Scotland and England.

I am a member of the herding group of dogs. I am graceful, agile, alert, energetic and medium-size. Dogs of my breed may have a longer (rough) coat or a shorter (smooth) coat. The rough coat is more common in the United States. Most members of my breed are black with white or black and tan with white. However, we may be any color except solid white. 

What breed am I?