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I am a member of the Herding group of dogs. I was used to herd animals in Scotland for so long that I became known as the Highland Collie. These days I go by a different name, and my current name reflects the long hair on my face.

I am outgoing, hardy, friendly, intelligent, and have a lively sense of humor. I am a great pet for fun, active people who are ready to keep me active too. I enjoy competing in AKC events such as Agility and Obedience trials.

I am a medium-sized dog and I am longer than I am tall. I have a double coat. My outer coat is harsh and long on my face and body. This long coat helps repel rain and snow. My undercoat is short and soft. I need to be brushed and combed every day to keep my coat free of tangles.

My breed can be found in four colors: Black, brown, blue, and fawn -- with or without white markings.

What breed am I?