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About the Award

The Public Education Department seeks to acknowledge the efforts of those working to engage, facilitate, and convey the ongoing importance of the relationships between people and canines through education and outreach. Through this acknowledgement, the AKC Public Education Department hopes to ensure Club’s continued efforts in the area of Public Education, and to encourage others to join in the efforts.

The winning club will receive a $500 award and a plaque to be presented at a future Club event.

How will the winner be determined?

All AKC Clubs that have an active Public Education Coordinator are eligible to apply for this award.

To apply for this award, a club must submit the following by email to

Submit name and contact information (email and phone number) of Club’s Public Education Coordinator.

  • Essay (500 words or less) that answers the following: How has your club positively contributed to the education of the public about the ongoing importance of relationships between people and canines?
  • List of Public Education outreach activities conducted in the past year and any available pictures of the activities.

Examples of Public Education Outreach:

Active Canine Ambassador Program

Host Responsible Dog Ownership Day Events

Host the AKC Patch Program

Booths at local fairs

Hosting Matches

Holding Classes

Local Holiday Parades

Public Education Programs at community functions or civic organizations

Public library programs

Support of an AKC Veterinary Outreach activity

Participate in other community activities

This award will be presented annually. All submissions are due July 1st of each calendar year. A committee of AKC employees will vote on the winner using the following criteria: eligibility of club per requirements and evidence of active Public Education outreach. A club is only eligible to win this award every two years.