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AKC Virtual Canine Clubs is an extension of our original AKC Canine Clubs Program. The purpose of this program is to provide similar lessons to those in the AKC Canine Clubs Program, but virtually. Teachers or youth group leaders can view these webinars virtually and learn how to implement them into their classroom.  Each webinar will offer resources that can be used along with the lesson and each webinar will have a guest speaker.

Topics Include:

  • Responsible Dog Ownership
  • Careers in Dogs
  • Dog Sports
  • Choosing the Right Dog for You
  • Dogs with Jobs
  • Lessons +
    Lesson 1:

    Responsible Dog Ownership

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    Lesson 2:

    Careers in Dogs

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  • Frequently Asked Questions +
    1. What are AKC Canine Clubs?

    AKC Canine Clubs are an after school program designed for students in grades K-8.  AKC Canine Clubs can be hosted by a teacher or group leader in any school or youth organization. The goal of this club is for children to learn about dogs!

    2. Where can I learn more about AKC Canine Clubs?

    You can learn more about this program here.

    3. How are AKC Virtual Canine Clubs and AKC Canine Clubs different?

    AKC Canine Clubs are in-person. AKC Virtual Canine Clubs can be hosted online and students can be anywhere in the world!

    4. How do I contact you with questions?

    You can reach us at

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