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Would you like your dog to become an AKC PupPal?

Your dog brings joy to your life on a daily basis – brighten someone else’s day by enrolling your dog in the AKC PupPals Program. Dogs of any age, both purebred and mixed breeds alike, are encouraged to submit a PupPal message! 

Becoming a PupPal is easy. Start by filming a video of your furry friend with an uplifting message from their point of view. When you are finished with your video, you’ll then need to upload it, fill out our PupPals Form and sign our photo release. Your video will then be shared with a recipient in need.

Goldie our beloved Golden Retriever is SO excited to be a part of the program! We were happy to share our love of her with others!
Pam J.
We couldn’t think of why we wouldn’t sign up for this program, bringing smiles to peoples faces is Ranger’s favorite past time!
Phillip M.

Tips to Consider Before You Start Filming

  • Make sure your video is one minute or less. 
  • Film your video horizontally (landscape), not vertically (portrait). 
  • The video should feature your dog, with your voice speaking for your dog. For example, “My name is Roo and I hope you’re having a great day” is preferred to “This is Roo and she hopes you have a great day.” 
  • Include information about your dog, like their name, breed (if applicable) and whatever makes them awesome! (P.S. Showing off a cool trick or two is a terrific addition for brightening someone’s day)
  • Include a generally uplifting message to the recipient. This message could go to anyone in need of cheering up, so making your message universal is key!
  • We ask that you do not include adults or children within your PupPal video, this is your dog’s time to shine. 

How to Submit Your PupPal's Video:

You can submit your PupPal video two ways. 

  • For PupPal Videos Larger Than 25 MB +

    1. Go to
    2. Click “Add Your Files” 
    3. Find your video that is saved on your computer and add it here. 
    4. In the “Email To” section, put
    5. In the “Your Email” section, type your email address.
    6. In the “Message” section, type your name and your dog’s name and breed.
    7. Hit “Transfer.”
    8. You will receive a verification code in your email. Type in this verification code.
    9. You are finished.