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Choosing a Dog

puppy alone


45-55 minutes

Resources Needed:

Choose the Right Breed for You Video

Computers with Internet Access

The Best Breed for You Worksheet

Dog Breed Selector Quiz


  1. Explain to students that each breed has specific characteristics that may make one breed better suited for a particular family than another breed.
  2. Show students the “Choose the Right Dog Breed for You” video.
  3. Ask students what people should consider prior to selecting a breed of dog. Write their ideas on the chalkboard or whiteboard.
  • The breed’s history, activity level, amount of shedding, temperament, and size
  • Cost of acquisition and daily care
  • Family members’ allergies to dogs
  1. Invite 2-3 Canine Ambassadors (each with a different breed) to visit your club.
  2. Have each Canine Ambassador introduce their dog to the students and explain why this breed was right for them.
  3. Allow the students to ask questions and “meet” the dogs.
  4. Depending on how many computers you have, split students into partners or groups.
  5. Give students the “The Best Breed for You” sheet.
  6. Invite them to take the “Dog Breed Selector” quiz on the AKC website. Have students take turns using the computer to determine the breeds that are right for them and filling out their sheet.
  7. If they enjoyed a breed they met today, they can ask the Canine Ambassador questions to fill out the sheet for that breed.
  8. When all students have finished, invite them to share their top breeds with the class.


Download a printable version of this lesson plan HERE.