AKC Calls On All Dog Organizations To Spread Responsible Dog Ownership Message This September
  Dogs give us so much: excitement when a favorite person arrives home, company on the couch at night, and full effort on the obedience or agility course. Give back to them by being a responsible dog owner and spreading the word to others. Join the American Kennel Club® (AKC®) and host an AKC Responsible […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/akc-calls-on-all-dog-organizations-to-spread-responsible-dog-ownership-1-1/ | June 25, 2013
Make Your Fourth of July Fido-Friendly
While fireworks and food are a major part of Independence Day festivities, they may not be much fun for your dog.    With all of the loud noises and disruption in his routine, your four-legged friend could end up getting sick – or worse, lost.  To help keep this Fourth of July happy and safe […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/make-your-forth-of-july-fido-friendly/ | June 21, 2013
Highlights From The June 2013 AKC Delegate and Board Meetings
Highlights from the June 11-12, 2013 meetings of the AKC Delegates and AKC Board of Directors are as follows.   Full details on these actions, as well as other actions taken, are included in the minutes for the meetings, which will be posted on the AKC website.   Delegate Meeting The Delegates approved an amendment […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/highlights-from-the-june-2013-akc-delegate-and-board-meetings/ | June 18, 2013
Pool Safety: Tips to Teach Your Dog to Swim
  The dog paddle may seem like it comes naturally to dogs – and for some it does – but even the best swimmers need some training. The American Kennel Club (AKC®) helps dog owners teach their four-legged friends how to swim and be safe around the pool so they can beat the summer heat […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/pool-safety-tips-to-teach-your-dog-to-swim/ | June 7, 2013
AKC Honors Canine Heroes With New Wilderness Search and Rescue Title
New York, NY— Wilderness Search and Rescue dogs, who use their air scenting or tracking abilities to locate missing persons, typically in a non-urban setting, will now be recognized by the American Kennel Club® (AKC®) with the new SAR-W title. The AKC already acknowledges dogs that are FEMA or State Urban Search and Rescue (SUSAR) […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/akc-honors-canine-heroes-with-new-wilderness-search-and-rescue-title/ | June 5, 2013

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