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Highlights from the February 2007 Board Meeting


Highlights from the February 2007 Board Meeting


Highlights from the February 2007 meeting of the AKC Board of Directors are as follows:

  • The Boykin Spaniel will become eligible to compete in the Miscellaneous Class, effective January 1, 2008.

  • The Board approved specific activities that a club must meet in order to maintain its eligibility to hold shows. The specifics are included in the minutes of this meeting.

  • The jump height requirements in Obedience for the Dogue de Bordeaux and the Neapolitan Mastiff are to be lowered to three-quarters of the height at the withers, effective July 1, 2007.

  • The Entlebucher Mountain Dog was approved to compete in AKC Companion Events, effective June 27, 2007.

The following Delegates were approved:

  • Jean Evanoff, Manakin Sabot, VA, to represent Sioux Valley Kennel Club

  • Fred T. Kampo, Oshkosh, WI, to represent Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial Club

  • Rodney L. Russell, Orlando, FL, to represent Orlando Dog Training Club

  • Mary Strom, Carlton, OR, to represent Parson Russell Terrier Association

  • Tina Truesdale, Seekonk, MA, to represent Spokane Kennel Club

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