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These large breeds might appear imposing, but they usually possess fairly mellow, laid-back temperaments.


Learn more about these gentle giants:


Great Dane: They may be extremely large and strong, but the Great Dane is known as a “gentle giant” because of its calm and loving disposition.  They make excellent family pets, needing minimal grooming and daily exercise.



Irish Wolfhound: Large, muscular, and the tallest of dogs, the Irish Wolfhound has a loving temperament.  Though they were originally bred to hunt wolves and elk, they are primarily family pets today.  Their harsh coat requires regular brushing.



Leonberger:  This massive, lion-like dog is known for being calm, gentle, and sweet.  They are very friendly and love kids.  They have a profuse coat that tends to shed a lot and they need moderate daily exercise.



Mastiff: Though one of the biggest dogs recognized by the AKC, the powerful Mastiff is a gentle and loyal companion.  Mastiffs love being around people and bond closely with their family.  They need light exercise and minimal grooming.



Newfoundland: A large dog and hard worker, the Newfoundland has a very sweet disposition and is a devoted companion.  The breed needs daily brushing and exercise.



Saint Bernard: The Saint Bernard is powerful and muscular, but has a mellow temperament.  They do really well with children, making great family pets.  Saint Bernards shed twice a year and owners should be prepared for drool.

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