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As you may have already seen, the COVID-19 outbreak and preventative public health measures are having a significant impact on legislative schedules and hearings around the country. Schedules are evolving rapidly.  As of (11:00 AM on 12/1/20), here are the latest schedule updates impacting legislation at the state and federal level. Please continue to check back, as we will provide continued updates. For more information, visit AKC’s legislative action center at

ALABAMA –The 2020 regular session adjourned on May 18th.
ALASKA – The regular session has adjourned for the year.  Some committee meetings are being held via virtual/teleconference as needed.
ARIZONA –Adjourned for the year.
ARKANSAS –The 2020 Fiscal Session adjourned on April 24, 2020.
CALIFORNIA – Adjourned until December 7, 2020.
COLORADO – Adjourned for the year
CONNECTICUT – On September 29, 2020 the CT House and Senate adopted rules to allow the scheduling of a special session for Wednesday, September 30th.  The General Assembly’s agenda is expected to be limited to considering judicial appointments,  how absentee ballots are prepared, changing how electricity rates are set and how ratepayers are compensated following a prolonged power outage and how properties contaminated with industrial waste are sold.
DELAWARE –The House is in Special Session and stands in recess to the call of the Chair. The Special Session of the Senate convened and stands in recess to the call of the President Pro-Tempore.
FLORIDA – Regular session has adjourned. Special sessions could be convened to consider issues that include, but are not limited to, emergency, revenue, and budget.
GEORGIA – Adjourned for the year
HAWAII – Adjourned for the year.
IDAHO –Adjourned.
ILLINOIS –Veto session scheduled November 17-19, and December 1-3
INDIANA – Adjourned for the year.
IOWA – Adjourned for the year
KANSAS –Adjourned for the year.
KENTUCKY – The 2020 regular session adjourned for the year on April 15, 2020.
LOUISIANA –The regular session ended June 1, 2020 at 6:00pm.  Legislators immediately reconvened for a 30-day extraordinary that ran through June 30.
MAINE –Adjourned for the year.
MARYLAND – Adjourned for the year.
MASSACHUSETTS –Both the House and Senate have adopted rules changes allowing an extension of the formal session with lawmakers allowed to speak and vote remotely.
MICHIGAN –In session.
MINNESOTA –The Minnesota Legislature began its fifth special of the year on October 12, 2020.  The session is expected to address extending Governor Walz’ COVID-19 emergency powers to November 12 and to consider large public works legislation.
MISSISSIPPI –A concurrent resolution sent to the Governor allows extending the 2020 regular session in 30-day increments through November 6, subject to a limit of six days convened during successive extension periods. The resolution also provides for the suspension of legislative deadlines for bills related to COVID-19. The 2020 regular session will adjourn sine die on October 10 unless an earlier date is necessary to comply with the six-day limitation or an earlier date is set by concurrent resolution.
MISSOURI – In special session.
MONTANA –  Not in session in 2020.  Interim committees being held.
NEBRASKA – Adjourned for the year.
NEVADA – Adjourned.
NEW HAMPSHIRE –The General Court of New Hampshire has adjourned.
NEW JERSEY –The Legislature is currently in session.  Access to the state capitol complex remains limited due to COVID-19.  Generally, members of the public are not allowed to attend a meeting in person, unless properly registered to testify on a bill under consideration.  The public is encouraged to submit testimony electronically in lieu of oral testimony, which will be included in committee records and distributed to the committee members.
NEW MEXICO – Adjourned.  Interim committees being held.
NEW YORK –New York Assembly and Senate holding special hearings on specific COVID-related and other specific topics.  Click on the links for more information.
NORTH CAROLINA –Some joint, special committees meeting.  House and Senate adjourned for year.
NORTH DAKOTA – No session.
OHIO – In session.
OKLAHOMA – Adjourned for the year.
OREGON –  Adjourned.
PENNSYLVANIA –The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has added November 16,17,18,19 as session days.  PA Senate will also be in session November 16,17,18,19.
RHODE ISLAND –The Rhode Island legislature is waiting for COVID-19 relief money from Congress and plans to convene a special session in November to adopt a state budget.
SOUTH CAROLINA –The General Assembly stands adjourned pursuant to the provisions of S. 1194, the Sine Die Resolution. The resolution sets a special session for September 15-24 and allows the Senate President and House Speaker to call legislators into session any time prior to those dates. It allows legislators to take action on bills that have passed one chamber, bills already in conference committee, appropriations and budget shortfall legislation, legislation related to COVID-19, local legislation that has the unanimous consent of the local legislative delegation, legislative appointments, gubernatorial vetoes, and additional sine die resolutions.  After the General Assembly adjourns on September 24, the resolution allows consideration of gubernatorial vetoes, revenue shortfalls, legislative appointments, COVID-19 matters, and sine die resolutions. Unless adjourned at an earlier date, the 2020 session ends on November 8.  A short-notice special session could be called between November 8 and year’s end.
SOUTH DAKOTA – Adjourned for the year.
TENNESSEE – Adjourned for the year.
TEXAS – No Session.
UTAH– Various interim committees and confirmation hearings are being held. View the 2020 interim and committee meeting calendar.
VERMONT –Adjourned for the year.
VIRGINIA –Virginia has extended it’s Special Session until October 18, 2020.
WASHINGTON – House, Senate committee hearings being held through end of year.  Specific hearing information available online.
WEST VIRGINIA – Adjourned.
WISCONSIN – Adjourned for the year.
WYOMING – Currently adjourned, but holding interim committee meetings.  For more information on the schedule and topics being discussed, visit
U.S HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES –  Adjourned until after the election.
U.S. SENATE – Adjourned until after the election.


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