Maryland to Consider Prohibiting Dog Discrimination in Insurance Policies on 2/5
The Maryland Senate Finance Committee will consider legislation on Tuesday, February 5, that would prohibit insurance companies from refusing to issue or renew homeowner's or renter's insurance policies solely because someone owns a dog, regardless of breed. Maryland residents are encouraged to contact the committee and express support for Senate Bill 296, which would protect […] | February 1, 2013
NM Bill to Prohibit BSL Passes First Committee
House Bill 63, which would prohibit counties and municipalities from enacting breed-specific regulations, was passed unanimously by the House Health, Government and Indian Affairs Committee yesterday. The bill now advances to the House Judiciary Committee. The AKC strongly encourages New Mexico residents to contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee and ask them to […] | February 1, 2013
Unnecessary Changes Proposed To New Hampshire Cruelty Statute – Express Opposition Now!
New Hampshire House Bill 497 seeks to make significant changes to the state’s animal cruelty statutes.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Dog Owners of the Granite State (DOGS), AKC’s New Hampshire federation, both oppose HB 497 as unnecessary.  Concerned New Hampshire dog owners are encouraged to contact the members of the NH House […] | February 1, 2013

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