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"Luna" - CH Jupiter Moon in Blue du Chateau Rocher CD RE CGCA CGCU TKN and "Solo" - Han Solo du Chateau Rocher CDX RM CGCA CGCU TKI are active and versatile Beaucerons owned by Victoria Paul.
Julie Arisco
Victoria and Solo are currently working on earning Solo's Utility Obedience title, which Victoria says has been challenging but rewarding.
Together, Luna and Solo have competed and titled in almost every AKC sport and activity.
Nature Dog Photography
Solo pulls 1,580 pounds in a weight pull competition at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows.

“Is that some sort of German Shepherd/Doberman/Rottweiler mix?”

Victoria Paul hears this question often when she is out with her two Beaucerons, Solo (7) and Luna (6). But she doesn’t mind. “It gives me a chance to educate about the breed,” she says.

Victoria never thought she would be a “one breed” type of person. She grew up with Setters and Basset Hounds, then got her own Golden Retriever and Akita as an adult. But after her Akita, she spent two years researching Beaucerons and looking up breeders and pedigrees, realizing the Beauceron was a perfect fit. Once she got her first Beauceron in 2007, she has had them ever since.

“Their athleticism and eagerness to please make them a fun breed to dabble in lots of different things and have fun,” Victoria says. “They love their people so fiercely, really nothing compares to the bond of a Beauceron and their person.”

Victoria says Luna prefers sports where she can be more independent. Fast CAT is one of her favorites. Photo by Wes Andrews

Get to Know the Bouncing Beaucerons

Three years ago, Victoria decided to create an Instagram page for Solo and Luna. “I originally created the account after we moved from a small town east of Houston to San Antonio,” she says. “I not only wanted to try and connect with other dog people in our new area, but I also wanted a way to connect to and educate people interested in learning about Beaucerons. I try to always post about upcoming events and shows, and welcome anyone who has questions or needs guidance about a local show to contact me.”

She has also found the platform is helpful for educating people who may have misconceptions about purebred dogs and show dogs.

“Sadly there are a lot of misconceptions about purebred dogs and show dogs out there: People not understanding that ‘purebred’ does not always mean ‘well-bred’, not understanding what all goes into being an ethical preservation breeder, how dog sports work, or the misconception that show dogs aren’t allowed to have a life or get dirty.”

Victoria’s account is full of educational posts, whether it be history, temperament, challenges, how to find an ethical breeder, or general Beauceron information. First and foremost, Victoria makes clear that Beacuerons were bred to be herding and farm dogs — so they may not be a good fit for every family, and they should be exercised and mentally stimulated regularly. “The breed was expected to move livestock for up to 50 miles a day but also protect the family and farm,” she says. “A common nick-name for the breed is ‘BOUNCE-eron’ so that might hint at the type of behavior that is commonly seen.”

Solo and Luna each earned a versatility award from the American Beauceron Club last year.

A Versatile Achievement

There isn’t much that Luna and Solo don’t do. Luna competes in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Trick Dog, and Fast CAT. Solo competes in Conformation, Rally, Obedience, and Fast CAT. In addition, they are AKC Pup Pals and compete in weight pull events — Solo’s record weight pulled is 1,580 pounds!

To add to the impressive list of accomplishments, Solo was the first Beaceron to finish a Rally Master title and is now working on his triple Q’s and points needed for his RACH.

The breed’s parent club, the American Beauceron Club, recognized Solo and Luna for their versatility last year with a silver versatility award for Solo and a bronze versatility award for Luna.

“I feel awards like this in any breed are important to help encourage owners to get out and do more with their dogs and really showcase what they are capable of,” Victoria says. “But I feel its especially important in a breed that is considered to be so versatile historically. We are actually about to submit for Solo’s gold versatility award, as he now has enough accomplishments for that level, and should be awarded that this year!”

When they aren’t training, Victoria and her dogs can be found hiking, camping, exploring nature, or dining on a dog-friendly patio in Central Texas.

Join Solo and Luna

Follow Solo and Luna’s journey through dog sports on Instagram. Dogs of any breed — or mixed breeds — can compete in sports like Fast CAT, Rally, and Obedience. Think your dog has what it takes to be Dog Star of the Month? Share your dog’s adventures in dog sports by using the hashtag #ThisIsAKC on Instagram.