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When Brittany Rashak began her dog search, she thought she wanted a Giant Schnauzer rescue. But after getting in touch with the rescue, she realized that at 22, she was too young by their standards.

“I thought, ‘Well, you know what, I’m just going to find a breeder,'” Brittany says. “And when I looked more into breeds, I discovered that Dobermans were more what I wanted than a Giant Schnauzer.”

It took Britanny six months to find the right Doberman Pinscher breeder to match her lifestyle. She eventually found one that health tested and did conformation and sports with her dogs. When she got Dexter, the breeder said he was a companion dog and could be a show dog.

Starting Out in Conformation

Brittany and Dex’s start in Conformation began with frustration. “I switched him to a professional handler and he got seven points. It’s frustrating when you don’t win. And I was like why am I wasting this money? So, for a short time, I decided I didn’t want to do any showing with him, and maybe just do other dog sports.”

But in April, something changed in Brittany once again and she realized she wanted to give owner-handling a try, so she took a class. In May, they had their first show together, and Brittany thought, “Oh, this is actually fun!”

They spent the summer in more classes and shows, and by early September of 2019, Dex had his championship.

“I think the winning helped to where I was like, ‘Okay. I like dog shows.'”

What Comes After Winning?

Now that Brittany has found her love for competitive dog sports, she’s getting Dex, now four years old, started in FastCAT and Obedience.

They’re also working toward Dex’s Grand Championship. “We’re still going to be doing our handling classes because there’s always room for improvement,” Brittany says.

Photo courtesy of Karin Bennett Photography

Brittany started an Instagram for Dex in June 2015 as a way to educate people about Dobermans and share Dex’s life. In the past four+ years, she’s gained more than 51,000 followers and continues to educate about her experiences in dog shows.

Join Dex

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