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The more we learn about the nutritional needs of our canine companions, the higher the quality of the dog food that is being developed. These past decades, dry kibble has changed by leaps and bounds to help us ensure that we are giving dogs all the right protein, vitamins, and minerals they need, and not any of the fillers they don’t. But something was still being overlooked.

What about taste?

Like us, dogs all like different things to eat. Your French Bulldog may not love the dog food placed in front of him, or your friend’s Poodle just isn’t all that excited about mealtime. And while their palates may not be as discerning as ours‚ many of them love to eat things off the floor or out of the litter box, there are definitely food connoisseurs among them. These persnickety pals have advanced tastes and are not always happy with regular kibble. So they refuse to eat. For the loving dog owner, this becomes a stressful situation.


You want your dog to eat. You know she must eat to survive. And so it begins. First, you go to the vet, but there is nothing medically wrong to account for the loss of appetite. So you start buying different brands and/or flavors of dog kibble. When that doesn’t work, you start adding things to the kibble. Canned dog food, broth, rice, cheese‚ everything and anything. You even try hand-feeding her. You get desperate and try food meant for humans, thinking‚ at least she’s eating!

But that’s not good nutrition, and you know it. So then you start to think about cooking her meals. Pretty soon, your dog is getting gourmet fresh meals while you eat a microwave dinner. It’s costly, and sometimes she still won’t eat. Now what?

The answer is Bil-Jac’s new Picky No More line of dog food.

This brand new line is designed specifically for that doggy food critic that just isn’t happy with anything. Like all Bil-Jac foods, it’s made in America with real, fresh chicken that is never frozen.

So what’s the secret? “We know that dogs go crazy over our Bil-Jac treats because of the delicious taste of the real chicken liver we use to make them,” says Bob Kelly, president of Bil-Jac and son of Bill Kelly, the founder. “We’ve used that knowledge to create a nutritious food that brings the delicious liver taste that dogs love right to their food bowl.”

The new Picky No More dog food is stuffed with chicken and chicken liver, a flavor dogs just can’t seem to resist. In fact, 23 pounds of chicken is used to make a 27-pound bag of Picky No More Dry Dog food. The unique processing adds no fat, and the foods contain no grain gluten, or grain-gluten concentrates.

Since it’s gently cooked using Bil-Jac’s signature small-batch, slow-cooking method, it has a tantalizing aroma that triggers your dog’s appetite, and a robust flavor that will make him want to keep eating. While taste was a leading factor in the development of Picky No More, Bil-Jac did not sacrifice nutrition for flavor.

“Almost every dry dog food sold, except for Bil-Jac, sprays fat and flavoring on their kibbles to get dogs to eat it,” Kelly adds. “In developing this recipe, we wanted to create a food where outstanding taste met outstanding nutrition without having to add fat and flavor to it.”


Picky No More has no added fat or flavors (natural or artificial), and like all Bil-Jac foods, it provides complete nutrition based on the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. What’s more, it contains naturally sourced omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that nourish your dog’s skin and coat.

Picky No More comes in small breed, medium breed, and large breed recipes. It’s in PetSmart stores now.

Take the Two-Bowl Challenge

Bil-Jac is calling on owners of dogs that are picky eaters to take the two-bowl challenge. Put down a bowl of your current dry dog food and a bowl of Picky No More and see which one your dog eats. Even if your Corgi thinks she is the queen of your castle, she is sure to pick Picky No More.

Bil-Jac has a money-back guarantee, so you won’t lose anything by trying‚ but you will gain all that time and money spent on fixing meals your dog ends up not eating. Maybe you can cook yourself up a nice meal instead. But don’t be disappointed if you aren’t as excited about your dinner as your dog is about his new meal.

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