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Saturday, June 25, 2016 is a day that will go down in Corgi history, as over 800 Corgis came out to CorgiCon at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

There were swimming Corgis, relaxing Corgis, running Corgis, and even a Corgi proposal.

Check out these Corg-mazing pictures from CorgiCon that will be enough cuteness to get you through your week.

Say hello to these smiling Corgis in bandanas.


This Corgi has never been happier. (and neither have we.)


A Corgi kiss that you wish you were getting.


GASP! There were even Insta-famous Corgis.


And what's a Corgi event without the Queen stopping by.


Argh, this Corgi is on the hunt for buried treasure.


Aloha! We haven't seen anything that looks more like summer.


Corgi tongue for the win? We think so.


Dream proposal right here. Congratulations!


And of course, no Corgi day would be complete without slow-mo running.


Want to join in on the Corgi fun? There will be another CorgiCon in the fall and you might even be able to find a meet up in your area.

See more from this Corgi-spectacular event from ABC News.

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