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It was quite a sight when a dog lover in Thailand exercised his Golden Retrievers, taking all 12 of them for a swim at the same time.

Looking more like a school of dolphins than a pack of dogs, the paddling pooches follow the man as he swims in a circle and around a wooden pole in the water.

Swimming is a great exercise for dogs, especially for Golden Retrievers.  They were born to swim and “love mud and water in all forms,” according to the Golden Retriever Club of America. Developed to as a hunting companion in England in the 19th century, the breed is among the most versatile, excelling in such sports as agility and field trials, and proving invaluable in many important jobs, such as search and rescue, assisting the disabled, and therapy work.

From the smiles on the man’s face in the video, there’s not doubt that this group swim is therapeutic for him, well worth all the toweling off he’ll have to do once they reach the shore.


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