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Shiva the Belgian Malinois leaped 26 feet and 3 inches during the Diving Dogs competition on ESPN's campus.
Nick Caito / ESPN Images
  • ESPN Dog Day was all-day canine coverage broadcast on August 24, 2019.
  • If you missed the action, you can rewatch on-demand on the ESPN app.
  • Don’t miss this laugh. Dogs on social media react to watching canine athletes by barking at the TV!
  • You can join! We explain how to get started in Dog Day sports.

ESPN went to do the dogs on August 24. In honor of International Dog Day and in celebration of canine athletes, ESPN showed dog sports and dog programming all day long Saturday on both ESPN2 and ESPN News as part of ESPN Dog Day. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can watch the programs on demand on the ESPN app if you have a cable login. No cable login? You can relive some of the action below!

Rewatch ESPN Dog Day

Watch Championship Pup on ESPN 

One hour of live action on ESPN’s campus includes AgilityDock Diving, and Flyball.

Watch the AKC Premier Cup on ESPN

Top AKC Agility dogs and handlers from around the country converge for the inaugural AKC Agility Premier Cup. Sixty dogs compete on exciting and challenging agility courses designed test the athleticism and wit of both the handlers and dogs. This program was filmed at NYCB LIVE, home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in April 2019.

Watch AKC Flyball on ESPN

Flyball is a competitive canine relay race in which two teams of four dogs (and two substitutes), compete side-by-side against one another over a course of four jumps (hurdles.) You won’t want to miss this fast-paced team sport. This program was filmed at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows in July 2019.

Dogs React to ESPN Dog Day on TV

Relive the day through the eyes of dogs by checking out some of our favorite viewers — dogs themselves! Here are some of the best canine reactions to Saturday’s programming.

1. Cash the Labrador Retriever

Cash the Labrador Retriever wanted to join the action of ESPN Dog Day. Watching Diving Dogs was his favorite part.

2. Einstein the Corgi

Einstein the Corgi made sure to tune in for Flyball!

3. Barley the Golden Retriever

Barley the Golden Retriever could binge Agility all day long — from the couch!


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Watching Dog Day on @espn #obsessed #bingewatching #espndogday

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4. Winnie the All-American Dog

Can you blame Winnie for wanting to take a dive into the pool with the diving dogs?

5. Annie the All-American Dog

Annie the All-American dog hopes her owners will buy her an agility set for the backyard so she can practice the moves she saw on TV.

6. Udon the Shiba Inu

Udon the Shiba Inu is intently watching Agility. Maybe one day Udon will give Agility a shot!

7. Stoney the All-American Dog

Stoney couldn’t help but join the excitement of Diving Dogs!

8. Hamilton the French Bulldog

Hamilton the French Bulldog could watch Diving Dogs over and over. Luckily for him, he can!

Get Started in Dog Day Sports

Like what you see? Think your dog could be a top athlete? You’re in luck. Any dog — whether purebred or mixed bred — can compete in AgilityDock Diving, and Flyball. All you need is an AKC registration number, which you can easily obtain online. Craving more action? Find an event near you.
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